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How is surgery to remove the prostate?

If a man is diagnosed with BPH, surgical intervention is required in the case of the active progress of the disease. The initial stage of treatment. Timely determination of the diagnosis helps to avoid many unpleasant consequences. Sometimes necessary surgery .

Indications for surgical intervention

The main cause of prostatitis is a hormonal change that occurs in the body of men after 50 years. Every year, the disease has a tendency to "look younger". Production of testosterone slows down, and the progesterone begins to play more actively. Because of this, the prostate gland begins to grow in the epithelium, eventually forming a tumor. In most cases, tumors are benign, but can too increase in size. Is squeezing the urethra, complicating a normal human activity.

Хирургическое удаление аденомы простаты

For the procedure the injected fluid, which is heated under the action of radiation. Steam is formed. It's disastrous effect on the adenoma. The treated area under the influence of steam covered with thrombosed vessels. This method completely eliminates the risk of bleeding.

In case of BPH these operations are done quite quickly and do not require further hospitalization.

No adverse effects and minimizes the risk of postoperative impotence. This is the most modern method of contactless removal of BPH with prostatitis. The only drawback is the cost of the procedure. Do it only in private clinics where the equipment was purchased and a trained specialist.

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