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The symptoms and treatment of prostate diseases

When poorly functioning prostate gland, symptoms of the disease may be different. The prostate is a crucial part of the genitourinary system, and fully functioning along with the sexual opportunities is in direct proportion.

The prostate gland consists of glandular and muscular tissue, the first of which is responsible for the production of hormones and prostatic juice, and the second is a regulator of the lumen of the urethra. The size of the body usually depends on mass, height and build. The average length is 3 cm, width 3.5 cm and thickness 2 cm. the weight is usually about 20 g. the shape of the prostate is similar to walnut. One pole of the body is around the beginning of the urethra, and the second attached to the bottom of the bladder, covering the cervix. Inside the prostate there are segments in an amount of about 40 pieces, which are connected to the urethra via the excretory ducts.

Prostatic hyperplasia

One of the most common ailments which affects the prostate gland, is increasing. In medical terminology the condition is called hyperplasia or prostate cancer. The symptoms of these manifestations is expressed quite clearly. The main the signs include:

Схема воспаления простаты

Most often, inflammation is removed by antibiotic treatment, especially due to the infectious nature of occurrence, as well as with the help of prostate massage. Most men try to avoid this procedure, however, this attitude is grounded. Because massage assists in the relief from inflammatory secretions in the glandular ducts. Helps achieve recovery and therapy. During treatment should eat more vegetables and fruits fresh. Can be assigned and physiotherapy activities.

The symptoms of prostate disease, evidence of violations related to its functional characteristics, give rise to assign complex treatment. Now available the most advanced methods widely used in data order laser therapy, which has many advantages. In its application, there is improvement of blood circulation in the pelvis, gets inflamed, the ducts of the normalize function, reduction processes occur several times faster. This also applies to the postoperative period with the use of laser. The technique is well suited for prevention.

The role of nutrition and lifestyle

It is important that the meals in all inflammatory processes.

Diseaseaffecting the prostate gland are no exception. Diet in this case is assigned with an individual approach to each patient, taking into account the form and degree of severity of the disease and the nature of its flow and variety. Among the General recommendations are the following:

  • the complete exclusion fatty, fried, spicy dishes, smoked meat, coffee, chocolate and strong tea;
  • the inclusion in the diet of bran bread, dairy products, lean meats and fish;
  • focus on eating fresh vegetables and fruits.

Useful during the treatment to drink plenty of fluids, animal fats and oil should replace vegetable and to remove products that can cause bloating and fermentation in the gut. It is clear that any treatment will be much more effective if done in conjunction. The proper attitude can achieve positive results.

Traditional medicine and its capabilities

With regard to the methods of alternative medicine, many recipes and methods of treatment, are actually quite effective. Inflammation is good to help the tea of chamomile and calendula, and cysts of the prostate gland resolve by using alcohol tinctures of burdock or the shell and partitions of a walnut. Recipes:

  • 200 ml of juice of leaves lopuhova pour 50 ml of vodka, the tool is ready to use in 2 hours;
  • the shell and septum nut in the amount of 15 pieces pour 0.5 liters of vodka and infused for 2 days.

However, most often, prostate disease require medical treatment. This issue is quite controversial and, according to some experts and supporters of the popular methods, some illnesses may be cured and using antiquated methods.