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Why erections may be weak and insufficient: major causes and treatments

The most terrible trouble for many men is a weak erection. The man begins to feel embarrassed, feel inferior. Especially hard for those men whose women do not understand that it is not the desire of men, and in his health. There are many reasons which can cause problems with erections in men of any age. Do not think that the problem will solve itself, you need to identify the causes of weak erection and maybe it will have to go to the doctor.

For normal operation, the penis needs to function well, the nervous system, which sends impulses to the male member, there is excitement and blood rushes to the organ causing an increase in its firmness and size. Must not be damaged circulatory system, well-functioning blood vessels to ensure good blood flow. Muscle of the penis must be in good condition and free to shrink and grow.

What to do to avoid such problems? There are simple rules which should adhere to:

  1. No abstinence! Health man needed regular steady sex.
  2. No drugs that reduce sexual potency! Carefully study the user manual of all medications before use, often drugs cause erection problems.
  3. A healthy way of life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will improve the condition of your body, all the processes in it.
  4. Food. Healthy eating - healthy sex.
  5. Sport. Sport charge your body with energy, endurance train and have a very beneficial effect on your sex life.
  6. A visit to the doctor. If you have any discomfort in the genital area, injuries of the pelvis, be sure to consult a specialist - urologist.

Failure to observe simple rules can cause serious problems, of the impossibility of restoring such a need for men features.

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If recourse to drugs, the most effective are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. They were accepted for 20-40 minutes before sexual intercourse, the action is from 4 to 40 hours When taken 1 tablet every day for 2 weeks to have medicinal properties. If you do not break the treatment regimen, can completely restore your erection. These drugs have contraindications, so before use should definitely consult with your doctor. May experience side effects.


Less stress, more positive emotions, romance, confidence, positive attitude, a lovely woman and a good erection and good night to you is provided!