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Causes, symptoms and treatment of uterine tone during pregnancy in the 1st trimester

In the process of childbearing women need to be attentive to himself. Often occurs tone of the uterus during pregnancy symptoms 1st trimester, which is easy to recognize. The first trimester is the time when pregnant it is more likely to listen to signals from your body.

Pregnancy - a wonderful time for most women. They used to say that child bearing is the main event in a woman's life. However, the ladies of traps and many dangers, among them the tone of the uterus in early pregnancy. To begin to understand what is meant by "the uterus is in tonus. Call the uterus a hollow muscular organ consisting of 3 layers. In its natural state the uterus is relaxed, and is called its normal tone. If during pregnancy but before the onset of labour, there are contractions of the uterus, they say that its tone is elevated. However, it should be added that muscle contraction is a very natural process and does not always mean that the uterus is in good shape, as it is always frightening and dangerous.

Analysis of the problem

But when we think about the tone of the uterus in early pregnancy, keeping in mind the 1 trimester, then the consequences can be disastrous for both mother and unborn child, unfortunately sometimes it ends in spontaneous miscarriage.

Диагностика гипертонуса матки

Pathology can be prevented

Among the General recommendations on preventing the development of uterine tone you need the following:

  1. Dream pregnant woman should be sufficient, it is best to go to bed early.
  2. The diet should be balanced and varied with a high content of "live" vitamins. This will help to deal with increased gas formation in the intestine and prevent the development of constipation, heavy meals are best deleted.
  3. Light, but regular walks in the fresh air.
  4. Regular practice of specific sports exercises for strengthening all the muscles of the body, which is best done under the supervision of a specialist.
  5. Avoidance of stress. The child must develop in an atmosphere of harmony and understanding.
  6. The categorical rejection of bad habits. Best of all, if they will be done away before the moment of conception.
  7. Regular and timely visits to doctors. It does not need to be ashamed to ask all the questions.

If possible, you need to be transferred to lighter work, to spend less time at the computer. You can take a vacation and devote some time for themselves.