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Why lost erection during sex, and what to do about it?

A strong psychological impact on the man can have a circumstance when loses erection during sex. These men's failures can have different nature. Of course, it could be a simple incompatibility of the partners or excessive alcohol use, which is sporadic. About such troubles it is necessary to forget, to not develop an inferiority complex. In a pinch you can use the services of a sex therapist. Another thing, if cases, when lost erection during intercourse, are common. This is a very serious symptom of a big problem and not always psychological in nature - there are various disease.

The essence of the problem

Erection of the male member arises as a result of enhanced blood flow through the arteries to the cavernous and spongy bodies and reduction of the outflow through the veins. This effect is provided by the signals from the brain during sexual stimulation stimulation. This signal increases the production in the supply artery sufficiently strong vasodilating substance nitric oxide. Significant blood flow without outflow provides an increase in penis size and firmness. Thus, the erection depends on blocking of blood flow through the veins; stimulation of the arteries of the expansion; the structure of tissues, is able to easily respond to the widening impact and, finally, from getting the correct signal from the brain through nerve channels. If it falls erection during sexual intercourse, the speech can go not about the impotence (sexual intercourse impossible in principle), and the violation of potency - erectile dysfunction.

The signal generation is completely dependent on psychological factors, but transfer it can be difficult to household and physical causes and physiological status of the circuit (nerve fibers). Here may affect Central nervous system diseases and pathologies that can affect the condition of the fibers, for example, arthritis.

Медикаментозные препараты - причина эректильной дисфункции

Nearly 40 years used the method of injection of vasodilators in the cavernous body before intercourse. The injection is produced independently, but the choice of the drug is strictly prescribed by the doctor based on the individual characteristics of the male body. The drug administered can be once in 7-8 days to prevent hardening of tissues. By applying a special device it is possible to implement the so-called intraorbitally method comprising the introduction of drugs into the urethra. The drug is administered for 18-25 minutes until close and is valid for 45-60 minutes.


Modern medications can increase the overall tone, blood pressure, contribute to the overall strengthening of the body, and increase erectile ability. Won the most popular drugs on the basis of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, levzei, Golden root, devil, aralia, pantokrina. These drugs have one important advantage - they have a positive effect on the male body as a whole and do not have side effects.

The drugs are increase the blood flow in the artery of the penis, are Yohimbe and Viagra.

These drugs have a large therapeutic effect in erectile dysfunction, but can help only in 70-75% of cases. In many circumstances, it may help drug Alikaps.

Surgical intervention

The presence of severe physiological reasons therapeutic methods are powerless. Significant vascular damage relate to these pathologies. The only effective method - surgery. Developed several surgical techniques for correction of the vascular system. The most radical way to ensure the erection is prosthetic. More simple technology involves the installation of the rod instead of the corpora cavernosa.

Modern penile prosthesis implant allows elastic members pumped their fluid at the right time.

The worsening of the erection during sex is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. It creates a very serious psychological impact that can affect the health of men, destroy the family, to change the whole way of life. When you see these signs you must consult a doctor to determine the causes and develop treatment regimens.