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What is retrograde ejaculation in men what are the causes, symptoms and treatment methods?

Few men know what is retrograde ejaculation and what factors are able to provoke. To encounter this problem every man, despite the fact that this pathology is rare.

Retrograde ejaculation is a change in the normal process of ejaculation, which is ejection of the semen in the opposite direction. That is, the biological material men (semen) thrown into the bladder, rather than leaving the body through the urethra. This pathology makes a man infertile.

To confirm this disease, you need to pass urine immediately after intercourse. During retrograde ejaculation clinical examination of urine will show the presence of a large number of sperm in the sample analysis. After melanoma has been diagnosed, the patient will be prescribed treatment, the essence of which is to restore sexual dysfunction of the body. Treatment can be both conservative and surgical.

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In addition to the main treatment recommended for the man to resort to adjuvant therapy. She will be in the fact that during sexual intercourse the man had a full bladder. Because the bladder is filled with seminal fluid will be directed into the urethral canal, and not to throw into the bladder.

In cases where retrograde ejaculation was a consequence of surgical intervention or was caused by diabetes, its treatment is almost impossible.

Such a diagnosis as incurable retrograde ejaculation, is not a sentence to men. If a man plans to become a father, the couple is recommended to undergo the procedure of artificial insemination. Necessary for the fertilization of the egg, the sperm is obtained from postejaculatory urine sample. This biological material is collected with bladder catheterization, and then artificially fertilize the egg.