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Causes erections in men and what to do about it?

Fast erections in men is due to certain reasons and is a problem that needs solving. If the couple lives a sexual life and the man is fast erection, the woman must practice tolerance, tact and sensitivity. It is important to realize that the solution to this problem requires the participation of both parties. Quick erection respond well to treatment. "Disease" may take place rather quickly, if you identify the true causes of its occurrence. Male erection depends on the individual characteristics of men. Pathology can be considered the duration of the process less than a minute.

Erection problems: how to get rid of them?

Quick erection in men often occurs when the first sexual contact with a woman, that is because of inexperience.

There are many psychological aspects of this phenomenon. For example, if the man in something doesn't trust her partner or she is attractive. As for other reasons, the premature erection can occur as a result of the disorder in the work of certain system of the body or in specific organs. A fast erection also happens that if a man is excited, is nervous or does not have a very developed musculature of the genital organs.

Регулярное выполнение специальных упражнений для восстановления эрекции у мужчин

If the erection, on the contrary, difficult to help solve the problem of aphrodisiacs. These are shrimp, garlic, onion, some seasonings (curry), red caviar, garlic and other foods that contain zinc, proteins, healthy amino acids and vitamins. Useful to enhance erection are coffee and dark chocolate. The second is composed of theobromine, which helps to cheer up and tune in the desired fashion.

During intercourse do not rush to enter the vagina of the partner, give her a chance to enjoy your kisses and caresses. So you can learn to control their desire. While sexual intercourse carry out movement smoothly and steadily, try to keep a rhythm with a partner.

Restoration of function

The problem with erections may occur at each of the men, from it nobody is insured. But dealing with her really. It is, if you take some effort.

Fast erection - a problem that is often caused by diseases of the genitourinary system. It can also occur when dysfunction of the nervous system. In this case, will require consultation of an experienced physician. The cause of the problem may be that the man feels fatigue, tired after a hard working day. Shouldremember that premature erection is a problem of two in a pair, not just one man.