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How can I remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancy on early and later stages?

How to remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancy? Waiting for a baby is the most beautiful period in every woman's life. While the expectant mother need peace and harmony. These two important factors will ensure the woman's successful birth and healthy baby. But, sadly, pregnancy can be accompanied by pathological processes, one of which is the presence of uterine tone.

Cause of uterine tone during pregnancy can be unhealthy lifestyle, stresses, physical exhaustion. Found this pathology is not rare. Usually, moms-to-be frightening this diagnosis, because we know that he's a threat with serious consequences. It is important to understand that modern medicine allows you to quickly remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancy, thus removing the risk of interruption. Any symptoms that make you wonder about the mother, require consultation with a leading specialist.

Such a diagnosis, as the uterus is in good shape, says about the uncontrolled it cuts that dangerous loss of a child. But it's worth noting that this is not the only consequence of the described pathology. The uterus be muscle. Increase uterine tone (hypertonicity) create the muscle fibers, which tend to the reduction. Normal pregnancy must be accompanied by a relaxed and calm condition of the uterine muscle is known as normotonic. Physical stress and emotional stress provoke the compression of muscle tissue that leads to an increase in their tone and pressure in the body.

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The implementation of some methods will eliminate the need for serious medical treatment and additional hospitalizations.

  1. So, the expectant mother needs proper nutrition. To make the necessary substances to the body will allow the appointment of a specialist multivitamins.
  2. In addition, it is important to reduce physical activity, sometimes you need bedrest.
  3. In the absence of edema and mnogovodnee fluid intake must increase (the average pregnant woman should drink 1.5 l of fluid per day).
  4. One of the main factors that are important to ensure the expectant mother is relaxed emotional background.

Will help daily walks and special gymnastic exercises. They help to prepare the woman's body for the upcoming birth. While physical activity can lead to tension of the uterus, must be ruled out completely.