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How to determine and feel an increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy?

Any pregnant woman must know how to identify the tone of the uterus. This is necessary in order to monitor the progress of pregnancy. A woman needs to feel that everything is in order. Not everyone understands what the tone of the uterus and the danger of this pathology carries the expectant mother and the fetus. In the medical world it is considered that if no anxiety symptoms, the tone of the uterus during pregnancy is not a disease. Western doctors consider this a normal physiological process. Sometimes the causes of a banal tone.

What is the pathology

The tone of the uterus may harm the placenta. And this is fraught with violations in development of the fetus. It could even lead to his death. The tone of the uterus in the 1st trimester is seen in the following senses:

  • heaviness in the abdomen;
  • the pain resembling menstrual;
  • pain radiating to the sacrum or the lumbar part.

In the 2nd and 3rd trimester, these symptoms can be accompanied by an induration and contraction of the abdomen. The woman has a feeling that her belly is a rock. The most disturbing in the tone of the uterus during pregnancy are spotting from the vagina, intermittent cramping pain. In this case you need to see a specialist.

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The tone of the uterus in early pregnancy happens more often than in the later. A few problems only occurs in the middle of pregnancy. To worsen this condition can comorbidities. Not to miss an important moment in the development of the disease, doctors prescribe an ultrasound. If the study shows that the length of the cervix 3 cm or more, uterine jaws closed, the fetus listens for the heartbeat, the woman can not worry. Her pregnancy is normal.

When the tone of the uterus during pregnancy need to follow a special regime. You need to completely eliminate physical exertion and to avoid stress.

The tone of the uterus treated in the following way:

  1. Pain in the uterus is removed with antispasmodics (no-Spa, Papaverine).
  2. Magnesium deficiency fill with Magne B6.
  3. To normalize psycho-emotional state help sedatives and sedatives based on natural components. Helps motherwort, Valerian.
  4. In a critical situation shall be appointed Utrozhestan, the main antagonists of androgens Dexamethasone, Metipred.
  5. If you start spotting, then assign Etamsilat, Dicynone (styptic).

Apart from drug therapy there are other methods of treatment. Physiotherapists prescribe special exercises, which helps to eliminate badsensations during hypertonicity. Every day following exercise. Get on all fours, the back should be arched and the head raised. Stand in this position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position.

Muscles throughout the body are interrelated. To strengthen the work of the uterine muscle can be using simple exercises that involve the muscles of the face. To do this exercise several times a day. Lower down your head and relax completely. Next, you should inhale and exhale through the mouth. Exercise you can start with 15 times and gradually increase the figure to 30.

Beneficial effects on the fetus and pregnant women of influence evening walk in the fresh air before bedtime. Lack of oxygen negatively affects the fetus. If possible, walking should be increased by adding morning and afternoon.

If home therapy does not bring the desired result, the physician decides to place a sick woman on treatment in hospital. To remove stress, you can occasionally use medicinal plants. These types of herbal medicine include teas and decoctions. But drink them sparingly and only after doctor's permission. Help tea with mint, lime and honey. Such components are brewed on a steam bath, mixing all the ingredients in equal proportions. To use this product 2 times a day.

Well helps to relax tea with lemon balm, motherwort and Valerian. All components of the brew in a water bath in equal proportions. 2 cups boiling water 1 teaspoon herbs. Drink half a Cup 2 times a day. If the broth was very strong, it is diluted with boiled water. In the tea add honey.

Preventive measures

Even before the onset of pregnancy, a woman needs to fully cure all the diseases of the genitourinary system and the pelvic organs. Today for the moms organized a special training school for motherhood, which taught how to relax physically and emotionally. On the account need to be on time. Gynecological examinations help to detect early development of pathology and to take emergency measures. Do not delay this process, since in some cases, pelvic control helps to avoid premature births and to save the life of the unborn child.

We recommend that you revise your daily routine. During pregnancy is contraindicated aggressive sex. Care and precision is very important during pregnancy. Do not neglect the intake of vitamins, you need to eat right. Fatty foods, rich in carbohydrates, sweets and starchy foods provoke weight gain, that put a strain on the uterus. The diet should include foods rich in magnesium. It's all vegetablesgreen, tree nuts, beans. You can eat oatmeal and buckwheat porridge.

Need to monitor their weight and to do special exercises for pregnant women. If there is no pain in the abdomen or uterus, no bleeding, you can take a warm bath with a herbal sedative herbs. But before that, do not forget to consult a doctor. In any case, you cannot use essential oils with a pungent smell, it can intensify uterine muscle. To sleep a pregnant woman needs at least 8 hours.

A pregnant woman preferably wearing prenatal bandage. Maintaining the stomach, it will relieve tension from the muscles of the uterus. Bandages can be purchased at any pharmacy or medical equipment stores. You need to choose free, not constrict movement a bandage. It should be easy, ideally, a woman should not have to feel it.