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Drug treatment of BPH without surgery: drugs, indications, contraindications

Than previously seen signs of the disease, the more effective recognized treatment of BPH without surgery: the drugs that are assigned exclusively doctor-urologist. Timely treatment for medical help at the first suspicion of a problem with the genitourinary system men is the guarantor for a successful fight against emerging disease undermining men's health and strength.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is not that other, as benign prostatic hyperplasia. This is characterized by a pathological condition increase in the size of the male organ, the transition from one stage of disease in another. Possible slow or rapid progress of the disease. Someone even absolutely no clue about the existence of an insidious illness. And someone knows about it, but pulls with a trip to the doctor. To prevent unwanted effects in the early stages of the disease the doctor prescribes medications. While the disease can be cured with pills and candles, do not delay treatment and thus worsen the situation.

How to cure BPH in the beginning of its appearance, what drugs were used?

Popular medications

Therapy drugs adenoma of the prostate possible in several schemes using various drugs.

Медикаментозное лечение аденомы

The use of progesterone is also possible in the fight against prostate cancer. Progesterone acts as antiandrogen. But in comparison with the androgen this tool is able to influence the growth of a benign tumor. Drugs only with the use of progesterone lead to disease regression. However, the accompanying side effect of this result may be a decrease in potency. There are other undesirable effects.

Drugs with progesterone is produced in ampoules. A synthetic analogue of progesterone is phonophoresis. It is injected intramuscularly. The course of treatment is three months.


In order to return the lost functions of the normal emptying of the bladder is prescribed diuretics. Diuretics that the doctor prescribes is herbal dill, parsley, sage, chamomile, nettle. These same funds in the situation of prostatic hyperplasia can be considered as drugs with anti-inflammatory effect. Coupled with patients prescribe vitamin Undevit, Undevit.

Candles or suppositories, with prostate adenoma

Much greater effect is achieved when using a rectal suppository than tableted dosage forms attreatment of BPH in the initial stage of its development.

The composition of the candles against the prostate is a male gland includes cocoa butter that contributes to a better absorption of antispasmodics and anesthetics. Besides candles contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, some types of vegetable oils, propolis.

Candles eliminate the symptoms:

  • intermittent urination;
  • the inflammatory process in the gland;
  • impotence;
  • progress and growth of the tumor.

Drug treatment of BPH is determined by a physician based on the symptoms.

This depends on the choice of drugs.