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How to make a prostate massage at home?

Prostate massage in the home is assigned to urologists to increase production of prostate secretion as a remedy for premature ejaculation and prevention of prostatitis. To pay for a professional massage doesn't make much sense, because the technique of prostate massage is defined by the anatomy. To repeat yourself all the same as the professionals do. How to do prostate massage at home with no special skills? First of all, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications. The procedure is quite simple, to strengthen potency and prevention of urological diseases can be home and even without special equipment. Prostate massage finger should not provoke pain. The pain may either be caused by a too strong pressing on the prostate or urological problem, and in this case, you must consult a doctor. Often men feel uncomfortable when you need to talk with his wife about a variety of massage.

Contraindications and safety

During the massage stimulates the blood supply of the gland. Blood vessels dilate, their walls become more permeable, and the infection can enter the bloodstream. In most cases, women enthusiastically support the initiative, the massage of the prostate gland radically improves erection. Therefore, in the following diseases it is impossible to do prostate massage:

  • acute infectious prostatitis;
  • malignant tumors of the rectum and prostate;
  • any inflammatory process in an organism in which body temperature rises to 38.0 degrees or more.

In all other cases, the procedure is safe and healthy if you do it correctly. What results will be achieved with regular massaging?

  • stronger potency;
  • the quality improves erections, intercourse becomes longer;
  • a man receives the ability to control ejaculation;
  • due to the normalization of the functioning of the prostate gland increases production of male sex hormones, which has a positive effect on General health, mood and health;
  • a good blood circulation and the production of gland secretion eliminate congestion and protect against varicose veins of the spermatic cord, prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation, inflammation of testicles and appendages;
  • high local immunity in the reproductive organs reduces the probability of disease urogenital infections, however, this should not cancel the protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

Схема массажа простаты

Transrectal massage

Wall directintestine is covered by a sensitive mucous membrane.

The rectum is the exit, not entrance, so any penetrating movement is instinctively unpleasant. How to do a prostate massage to get the benefits and pleasure without discomfort?

  1. You need to empty the bowel 60-30 minutes prior to a massage. If the self does not come out, an enema. In ordinary cases, in the distal part of the rectum does not accumulate in the stool, however, if a person suffers from constipation, when you massage, you can get into an awkward situation. Immediately after defecation effect on the gland can be unpleasant, so it is best to wait 30 minutes.
  2. The most intense feelings arise during a massage on a full bladder, so before the procedure you can drink 800-1000 ml of fluid. After the massage, you need to empty the bladder to withdraw fluid from the secret gland.
  3. So as not to injure the mucous membrane, it is necessary to file nails. It is a prerequisite for any contact with a mucous membrane.
  4. Hands should be warm. In the first 1-2 sessions, if there is a strong discomfort can use thin latex gloves, which are sold in any drugstore. Skin on fingers is a relief, this is what causes discomfort, and gloves have a smooth surface, therefore cause less irritation.
  5. In the room where the massage must be warm and comfortable.
  6. After the massage to come out from the lumen of the rectum should be only slowly and carefully. The only way not to spoil all the good impression from the procedure.

According to these rules, you can act or trust massage partner. How to find the prostate with transrectal massage? Iron is in contact with the front wall of the rectum at the depth of 4-6 cm from the entrance. Prostate massage finger is held in the supine position. Technique:

  1. The index finger introduced into the rectum and examines the front wall, i.e. the wall which is located closer to the penis, not the tailbone.
  2. On the wall of the rectum detected by the convex seal, shaped like a chestnut. This is the prostate. Right lobe of the gland is less sensitive, so better to start with her. Pressure on the gland should be moderate, too much exposure will cause discomfort.
  3. The direction of movements - from the periphery of the gland toward the center. The procedure can be combined with Masturbation or oral sex (if the massage is conducted by the partner). After some practice, men come to the conclusion that the end of the massage must be accompanied by a tumultuous orgasm. For a therapeutic effect enough for 10-15 minutes of massage, the presence or absence of orgasm does not affect the use.
  4. After slowly and carefully out ofof the rectum, and then empty the urinary bladder to withdraw fluid from the accumulated in the gland secretion.

Kegel Exercises

The highest statistics of disease hemorrhoids, prostatitis, impotence, and varicose veins of the spermatic cord in men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, for example, work in the office or spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in particular the sphincter. Due to the muscle stimulates the prostate. Can do the exercises anywhere, even in the workplace, this does not require any training. How to do a massage technique Kegel?

  • squeeze the sphincter and hold it compressed as long as possible;
  • to compress and relax the sphincter muscle in the fast, slow, medium pace;
  • to make sphincter the pull and push movements (only after defecation, otherwise, you can reflex to empty the bowel on the job).

Gradually in addition to control of the muscular ring sphincter will be installed to control other muscles. Kegel exercises are a good way to maintain the tone of blood vessels and muscles. An exemplary diagram of prostate massage at home to Kegel:

  • 10 quick contractions of the sphincter to heat;
  • squeeze, hold for 1-2 minutes;
  • the pull and push motion 10-20 times;
  • 10 quick movements;
  • squeeze, hold for 2-3 minutes until severe fatigue.

If the exercise is done properly, the blood circulation in the pelvic organs improves, the potency is strengthened and intestinal peristalsis is normal. Thus a reasonable man to protect yourself from the most popular diseases of workers of intellectual labor: hemorrhoids and impotence. How often to perform intimate gymnastics to get the result? At least 15-30 minutes a day. Between the series of exercises can be any time intervals.

Other options

Prostate massage in the home can be carried out using a portable electrostimulator models or using special simulators for the gland. Electrical stimulation is used as physiotherapy in the inpatient urology departments. With the help of a weak electric current caused by contraction of the muscles of the perineum, as a result of prostate massage. If the person is regularly engaged in intimate gymnastics or transrectal massage in the acquisition of the pacemaker there is a great need.

Every man who ever done this procedure in the urology office, I would like one day to combine prostate massage and sex. To the partner understood what she was doing and why, you can give her to read this information. If massage is not therapeuticpurposes, but only to enhance the excitement, you can put pressure on the prostate from the perineum without penetration. Stimulation of the prostate gland is, first and foremost, effective method of prevention of urological diseases, which every man can apply at home. And secondly, is the opportunity to increase their erection and orgasm. However, in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, this device can help. For men created plenty of prostate stimulators which are used for the treatment or sexual pleasure. Work devices based on the vibration or influence of a weak electric current. Before trying these helper methods, you need to know your body and have a massage at home without devices.