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Is it possible to bathe in the bath for prostatitis?

Is it possible to bathe in the bath for prostatitis, ask the regulars of the steam rooms and sauna, which have problems with the prostate gland. And this interest is genuine, because the body largely affects virility and the continuation of posterity. And if there are failures in its functioning, to protect the gland becomes task number one. In particular, if earlier there was not enough attention. So, is it possible to go to the bath and to visit such places "for the soul and body" men, if discovered inflammation of the prostate gland? How compatible are the concepts of prostatitis and bath? It is further proposed to understand this.

Prostatitis, and a visit to the baths

In Russia since ancient times it is customary to cure diseases the steam room. However, treatments are mostly prevention more than treatment. Thermal treatments simultaneously solve 2 problems: and the body medical treatment, and gives peace to the soul.

But not all representatives of a strong half decide to enjoy the healing steam in the company of friends. They should know that prostatitis is not an obstacle to pair fun. And this slogan even has a scientific explanation.


However, doctors claim that the steam when the prostate is not only possible but even necessary. Because the benefits of saunas have long been proven in complex therapy of many diseases of the human body, including pathologies of urogenital and pelvic organs.

Изменения при простатите

Broom this is recommended to certainly use aspen and not birch or oak.

The contrast of temperatures

Apply all over the body a cold shower is an invigorating tool. Such manipulation can increase the blood flow and as a local impact. Contrast shower in the groin to do so: turn in this side of the water flow, alternating hot and cold water. Time for keeping warm jets is equal to 30 seconds, cold - 15. The main thing - not to much cooling water: it should approach the degree to room temperature. Duration 3 to 5 min.

Doctors do not put a strict ban access to the steam room when inflammation in the prostate. However, doctors warn that you need to be careful with the contrast of temperatures, a cold pool, cold races in the snow, etc.

Heating of the gland may at the time of remission, but without excessive fanaticism.