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Is it possible to cure chronic prostatitis and what treatments are effective?

Most men start to panic, hearing the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis; can I cure it? This question has not lost its relevance in a male environment. Often in the course is all the traditional recipes together with new-fangled drugs that promise a quick cure for almost a few days. But still, how dangerous is the disease and whether radical deliverance from it?

What is a disease?

Generally, chronic prostatitis is the disease of the prostate gland infectious nature. This is one of the most common male disease. After visiting the urologist and the words "chronic prostatitis" most of the representatives of a strong half of mankind fall into a pretty deep funk. This disease is the lot of most men, so to be upset it is not absolutely necessary, but to be treated - always. An overwhelming number of patients successfully get rid of symptoms of chronic prostatitis, and for them life again shines in all its colors. Important is strict adherence to the instructions of the specialist.

What are the causes of chronic prostatitis and who is at risk? This:

  • heavy smokers and drinkers;
  • man leading a disordered sex life;
  • men who prefer fried, spicy and smoked food.

Расположение простаты

Another common method is inductothermy or warming the patient's body with microwaves. This procedure not only relieves pain but also relieves spasm.

A kind of physiotherapy for chronic prostatitis are and application of d'arsonval currents. This high-frequency currents of low intensity. They are well relieve spasms and restore damaged tissue, improve the local and General circulation.

Other therapies

Is it possible to cure prostatitis, taking some medication? No, because any treatment should be integrated. In addition to medications and physiotherapy, it is important to regulate the rhythm of his life. Important is the proper regime of work and rest. In addition, you need to deal with physical inactivity. Very useful to do light exercises, perform simple exercises, which include squats and torso twists. If there are no contraindications, you can run and swim.

We should also say a few words about kegels. Although they were originally designed for women, but it later turned out that these exercises are very useful for male. They can be used to prevent development of stagnant phenomena in the prostate area, and effectively deal with fast ejaculation and other male problems.

In addition, pleaseto avoid severe overheating or hypothermia, try not to catch a cold so as not to give the germs a chance. In the daily diet should give preference to products of plant origin, heavy animal fats to eat less, but that's about alcohol and Smoking should be forgotten.

In relation to sexual life of strict rules does not exist. However, it should be based on the age, Constitution and physical capabilities of each particular man. Should not be cut or Vice versa, to increase the number of sexual intercourse. In the intimate sphere should be ruled by orderliness and harmony.

It should not be neglected during treatment and the treasures of the green pharmacy. Very good infusions and decoctions of herbs that reduce inflammation. Among them are: chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, sage, burdock root etc., to take special baths of these concoctions, and do an enema. Importantly, the rate of such auxiliary treatment lasted at least a month.