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Prostatitis and its impact on the conception and the likelihood of pregnancy

Prostatitis and pregnancy are two interrelated factors? You can get pregnant if your partner suffers from this disease? It all depends on the stage of the disease. It is known that in the presence of chronic prostatitis fertility is falling. However, experts note that even chronic prostatitis is not a death sentence.

The influence of pathology

Dysfunction of the prostate the diagnosis of a man is heard increasingly. The possibility of conception depends on how active inflammatory reaction in the genital organs, whether the sperm to fertilize an egg. Sometimes there are situations when a woman is healthy and her partner does not have problems with erections, although ill with prostatitis. However, the impact of prostatitis on conceiving in varying degrees, inevitable.

Chance to fertilize the egg are low, because any inflammation in the genitals affects the quality of sperm. The prostate gland produces special secret that makes up the ejaculate. This secret is responsible for activity and sperm motility.

When the prostate is inflamed, the semen loses its function, which raises the question about pregnancy for prostatitis. In some cases, most often in chronic forms, the disease may not show any symptoms. At this time the couple is trying to conceive a baby, but to no avail. The wife can not guess that the main problem is prostatitis in the husband.

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Needs to be examined and a woman. She needs to know if her body prostatitis the infectious form.

After a full examination completed, treatment begins. It involves taking anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. In addition, prescribed massage, reflexology. The man recommended to eat a balanced, lead an active lifestyle, because a strong body can more quickly defeat the disease.

Timely treatment to the doctor, correctly made the treatment will soon be rewarded by the appearance of long-awaited children.

Conclusion on the subject

Despite the prevalence of prostatitis curable disease. With this diagnosis my husband a woman can still get pregnant. The ability to have children increased significantly after one treatment. The main thing - to know the reason that caused the inflammation. To find the baby, the future Pope need to go to the doctor and strictly follow the recommendations. To neglect your health in any case impossible, as advanced forms of prostatitis can lead to infertility.

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