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How to cook pumpkin seeds with honey for treatment of prostatitis: the recipe

Pumpkin seeds with honey from prostatitis - this recipe for men is unmatched. He, moreover, that a prostatitis cure, and restores potency.

But useful this sweet-and-vitamin mixture for women and children. It reduces bad cholesterol in the blood, it releases vitamins.

Peeled pumpkin seeds combined with honey, without being cooked, retain their natural composition. All the amino acids, vitamins, macro - and microelements, biologically active and easily digestible. Honey and pumpkin seeds for prostatitis manifestation miraculous properties owing solely to its rich chemical composition.

Before reading the effect of pumpkin seeds for prostatitis, we should say a few words, what is this insidious men's disease.

Causes and types of prostatitis

Under prostatitis implies inflammation in the prostate, which affects half of the men living on Earth.

Вредные привычки - основные причины простатита

A/K threonine is involved in the production of glycine and serine, which, in turn, are required for protein production. Has antidepressant activity, necessary for conducting nerve impulses.

Vitamin B6 - the need for it due to the usefulness of sexual intercourse.

Proline promotes the synthesis of collagen, makes stronger bones and cartilage.

Methods of cooking and recipes

Prevention and treatment of prostatitis honey and pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed, using different recipes of this healthy mixture.

To choose the appropriate recipe from the list below.

Recipe No. 1

Honey balls with pumpkin seeds

To create balls take raw kernels of pumpkin seeds in an amount of 0.5 kg and ground. The prepared mixture is mixed with one glass of thick honey. Put in refrigerator until thick mixture. Remove from refrigerator, make balls with d 1,5 cm Number of ready-made balls corresponds to 1 course of treatment. Take the ball in the morning 30 minutes before eating.

Recipe No. 2

Honey mixture with pumpkin seeds

The mixture is prepared, as in the first recipe. But the balls are not formed. Drug take 1 tsp morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime.