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Is there sex in acute and chronic prostatitis and its treatment?

The worst word in men prostatitis. If it is, how to live with it and if normal healthy sex if you prostatitis? Statistics show that almost half of the male population suffers from chronic forms of prostatitis. Often, feeling some indisposition, the man is trying to delay the visit to the doctor. The disease in acute form for a short period of time becomes chronic, treatment becomes more difficult.

Painful and frequent urination, men need to reject all doubts and to address to the urologist. The reasons for which the developing prostatitis:

  1. Infections that are sexually transmitted.
  2. Inflammation of internal organs, infection of the urethral channel.
  3. Venous stasis in the pelvis.
  4. A sedentary lifestyle.
  5. Prolonged sexual abstinence.
  6. Stress.

Patients with prostatitis have the tendency to hypochondria and depression. They focus on symptoms, they often think that treatment is ineffective, are compounded by problems in his personal life. Have autonomic disorders: sweating, trembling hands. Appears insomnia, no appetite.

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Reflexes that are responsible for erection, ejaculation, broken. Protracted inflammation gives form resistant to the hearth with irritated nerve endings. Here the man appears fast anxiety and early ejaculation. Prolonged stimulation of the receptors of the prostate gland leads to the fact that the nervous centres are exhausted. After the hyperexcitability begins its decline and impaired erection.

For normal sexual intercourse involves two components. First, the organic, normally communicates with the second, psychological. Recently, the facts increasingly confirm the existence of psychological mechanisms that determine sexual dysfunction. This so-called psychological comorbidities. It occurs in 75% of patients. Sexual arousal is accompanied by pain. Hence there is negative emotional coloring, against pain a stress. The man begins to restrict the sexual life as the source of pain. This reduces his self esteem and a vicious circle: pain-anxiety-fear-the restriction of sexual activity-low self-esteem-violation of the functions.

To abstain?

Of course, the disease effect on sexual performance, and this influence is not positive.

But, according to doctors, to refrain is not necessary. The patient need prostate massage. Reduction of the pelvic muscles during ejaculation and provide. Muscular wall of the prostate is also reduced. Continuedsexual life is an important and necessary condition for the normal functioning of the prostate gland. The doctors say that it is impossible to prevent the interruption of sexual intercourse, physiology of the process is broken and the effect becomes the opposite.

Contraindicated sexual abstinence. Allowed the treatment of prostatitis sex. The prostate needs to perform its function, otherwise stagnation will exacerbate inflammation. If there is no sex, even the most effective treatment won't benefit. Can have sex, but here, men can not go to extremes. New and frequent change of partners and their microflora can affect the prostate and remission go into the acute stage. Sex life when the prostate is in regular contact with a permanent partner. And regular sex with a partner - a good prevention of prostatitis.

Every man needs to know the frequency of sexual relations, sexual intercourse for his age. The concept of the norm, of course, is always relative, but the physiological average. Men from 20 to 45 years have 2 - 3 intercourse in a week. In men up to 25 years sex life more intense, and those who are over 45, at least, but the sexual act more in duration. Naturally, the performances may deviate, but the activity of men must always come naturally.

Prevents prostatitis psychological and sexual compatibility of the partners. Male for prevention of the disease should engage in sexual life, pay attention to your health: lead an active lifestyle, eat right, listen to yourself and not to run disease.

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