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Peculiarities of treatment of warts folk remedies at home

Dominant number of manipulations aimed at getting rid of warts (treatment at home or in the outpatient setting), is quite effective. For most people it is easier to solve the problem using traditional medicines than to go to the doctor. After all warts appear in the "delicate" areas: in the area of the anus and genitals.

The concept of warts

Genital warts is a watery and tender neoplasm pale pink hue. It keeps the skin thin stalk. The rough surface of the warts. These growths occur with lightning speed, for a matter of hours covering large areas of the mucous membranes.

Genital warts - the result of infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Infection occurs in different ways:

  • household;
  • contact;
  • perinatal;
  • sex.

The result of the weakening of the General immunity, stress and injury to the skin effect of HPV is amplified. Its symptoms arise in epithelial tissues.

Methods of dealing with genital warts

Treatment of warts folk remedies involves the ways that weaken the viable functions of the virus and eliminating the growths. There are many available therapies. You can use any suitable to you individually.

Йод для прижигания кандилом

Excellent fight HPV mixtures of vegetables, berries and vinegar:

  1. Grind to a smooth paste, half a lemon peel. The pulp is poured, a little heater, 50 ml of juice of sour apples and 100 ml of red wine. Then add 2 crushed cloves of garlic. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, allow to infuse for 3 hours. Having filtered the mixture through cheesecloth, take once a day 100 ml.
  2. The plum pulp is diluted slightly cooled boiled water (50 ml) and salt (10 g). Composition insist 24 hours and poured into water. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed with vinegar (15 ml) and applied to the affected areas on the day. Then replace the bandage. The procedure is carried out until complete disappearance of the growths.

If the above recipes are not suitable or not burned (not brought) genital warts, you can try to put a pellet made of flour and vinegar.

The ingredients are mixed in such a way as to make a thick composition. It is carefully applied to the growths not to touch healthy skin. Wait, when the pellet dries, after which it is removed.

Pellets can be made from propolis, soaked with saliva. Apply them to the warts and fix. Removed after three days.

From time to time in the affected area, apply a beaten egg white chickeneggs.


Often doctors for treatment of warts themselves recommend the use of folk remedies when the education of the young and "weak" or classical methods do not help, as the growths recur.