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Ways to remove warts

Is still a subject of discussion for the removal of warts, which is a papillary neoplasm with a benign nature. Often symptoms of human papilloma virus are localized on the genitals. Found its groupings and a single location. Do I need to remove genital warts or is it not a necessity?

Why must remove

Cosmetic considerations are not the only reason for which doctors recommended removing warts on the intimate places. Other reasons for the manipulation:

  1. Warts located on the genitals, the source of the stinging and itching, causing the patient physical suffering. There is discharge, exuding an unpleasant smell.
  2. If you do not remove them in a timely manner, tumors may be damaged clothes and when visiting the sick toilets. Damage is evidenced by pain, the appearance of blood.
  3. Tumors volume be a source of liquid having an unpleasant smell. The result will be skin irritation and inflammation.
  4. It is not excluded rebirth not timely remote condylomas to malignant tumors.

Obviously, the removal of warts. It remains only to choose the method of manipulation. The doctor selects the optimum method of assessing the localization and size of tumors. The final victory over the infection, becoming a source of formation of warts, is not yet available medicine. Doctors can offer patients only removal of tumors and means to enhance immune protection.

Удаление кондилом радиоволнами

As a rule, the removal of warts does not mean 100% cure of the disease. Symptom, is detected, which will certainly need to visit a doctor, appearance of secretions. Also you can do it, if after the removal of tumors appears (or persists) itching.

Should definitely pay attention to actions aimed at strengthening the immune system.

Tactics of management of pregnancy

If HPV is present in pregnant women, high probability of formation of warts. This is due to changes in hormonal levels, reduction in immune defenses. As a result, the tumors that emerged from the mother, threatening infection of the fetus with a virus.

That is why the tests for HPV are among the mandatory research when planning a pregnancy. The detection of warts in the vagina or on the genitals, it is recommended to take the time to remove them before conception.

Pregnancy is not always planned. If warts are formed of a pregnant woman, their removal is recommended in the first trimester.This is done necessarily, as is very likely the rapid growth of tumors in the later stages, which is fraught with complications.

The removal of warts requires a special approach, if we are talking about a pregnant patient. The optimal means for holding the manipulation become chemical preparations and apparatus "Surgitron". The final version chosen by the doctor depending on the indication. After the removal of the condition of the pregnant woman becomes the subject of constant medical control.

The cost of removing warts depend on the method chosen by the patient and the number of available tumors.