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Causes, symptoms and treatment of genital warts in women

Genital warts in women - a disease of viral origin that affects the skin on the genitals and the anus. Genital warts in women are always appear when the growth of the skin, so they are called genital warts.

The causes of the disease

Development of warts is due to infection of the skin by the papilloma virus, which penetrates into a woman's body sexually. The main risk group are considered to be women leading rough sex life. The virus is able for several years to be in the human body, and thus will not have any signs of illness. A carrier can infect many people through sexual contact. The incubation period may last several weeks or months. To provoke in a woman's body the activation of the virus can the following reasons:

  1. Violation of the immunity.
  2. Overheating in the sun or overcooling of the body.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. High voltage of a nervous character or different stresses.
  5. Alcoholism or abuse of Smoking.

The woman begins to complain of problems with bowel movements or the emission of urine, pain in her lower abdomen, there is pain with intercourse. Warts often arranged in a ring. They are concentrated around the ways out of urine around the vagina, perineum, and the anal area. In some cases, warts reach such sizes that cover the entrance to the vagina, blocking the anal opening or urethra.

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How to treat pathology?

To cure this disease apply conservative and operative surgical techniques. Medical treatment of warts is to strengthen the immunity of the patient and resolve symptoms. For this purpose, special drugs, which dramatically reduce the amount of virus in the blood plasma of the patient. With that out of the funds of local use, such as ointments, cream and gels. They are also used for the prevention of the disease after elimination of warts. It does not allow them to develop again.

Surgical methods to combat this disease are the following:

  1. Chemical destruction of nature. The technique is that the resulting growths carried out the attack with such drugs that completely destroy their tissue structure. The effectiveness of these medicines is very high. As a main component of they have nitric acid. In the destruction of single or group of genital warts missing 1-2 sessions to overcome the disease completely. Aftersuch cure the damaged areas relatively quickly heal without leaving scars. In the case of getting the product to any healthy tissue harm to patient will not. The method is cheap, safe and very effective.
  2. Destructive method of treatment of genital warts in women with the help of laser technology. For this method use a special surgical laser generator. Under the action of light radiation tissue growth is quickly destroyed. At this point there is a little mole that crusts over. Then there is the restoration of healthy tissue structures. This method is painless, effective. Its main drawback is the high cost.
  3. Radiosurgical - warts are destroyed with a narrow radio frequency range. This method is very effective and safe. On the affected location after this procedure is clean skin without any scars, and complete tissue healing occurs practically in 24 hours. Apparatus for such an operation is very expensive, which is why it is not available in all clinics. The main disadvantage - high cost.
  4. Cryodestruction method involves cauterization of the affected areas with liquid nitrogen. The growths to freeze, and they fall off, leaving a smooth and clean skin. This method is inexpensive but not completely safe. The doctor should be experienced, otherwise the nitrogen may burn the healthy tissue.
  5. Thermocoagulation involves burning off the warts, which are dying and being destroyed due to high temperature. During the procedure the patient feels pain, so it is always performed under local anesthesia. Out of the growth first forms a scab, and then under it grows healthy tissue. This operation requires the coagulator, and special equipment. This method is quite effective.

If the growths are based in the channel through which urine is emitted are below 10 mm from its orifice, then they are removed by a special device - ureteroscope.

For this purpose, the apparatus is moved across the length of the channel and the detection of warts they carried out the attack with the help of special medications.

How to cure the disease in pregnant women?

The virus is dangerous to the fetus, so doctors recommend that pregnant women take a test of PCR. If infection confirmed, we must immediately start treatment.

It is in the early stages of pregnancy. If the growths are small, then use laser or thermal coagulation. If warts are very large, they are excision. After that, until the birth the woman is under the control of the attending physician. If you relapse, repeat surgery, combining them with the cure associated diseases of an inflammatory nature.