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Causes, symptoms and treatment warts

There are such entities as warts, the treatment of this disease should be carried out in a timely manner. Warts are small warts on the genitals, affecting the mucous membranes of the skin. Look like warts? They vaguely resemble the florets of cauliflower.

There are two varieties of genital warts: broad and pointed.

The first danger lies in the fact that they are a manifestation of secondary syphilis. Warts common in men: education bruise the head of the penis and the foreskin, growths may form on the urethra. In order to know how to get rid of warts and what tools to use in the process of treatment, you need to consult a doctor.

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Look like warts and that is necessary for their identification?

Multiple warts have a cauliflower appearance, their diameter is 5 mm or more. In severe cases they can reach 5 cm. General symptoms a person does not feel, however, warts have a negative impact on quality of life. Improper hygiene in men there is a problem such as balanoposthitis. The disease is connected with the fact that with the growth of tissue warts become inflamed. As a result, men appear symptoms such as problems with urination, the selection of sperm with blood. Warts in the female body are often visible places, namely near the vagina, perineum and the labia. Genital warts in women can be on the cervix.

To recognize these problematic education and to identify their causes, the necessary inspections at the gynecologist and the corresponding diagnosis. Doctor can make a diagnosis with detection of genital warts. Men should visit a urologist who can examine the genitals, perineum and perianal area, in the process of diagnosis is needed.. With this procedure, you can identify warts inside the urethra.


Features of treatment

Treatment of warts is a simple process. In order to identify warts in women should have a pelvic examination called a colposcopy. The result of this study, it is possible to recognize defeat, which is located on the cervix or in the vagina. Upon detection of the disease is necessary to conduct a PAP smear, because genital warts can be accompanied by signs of the cancer process.

To get rid of genital warts, it is necessary to apply local treatment, its main purpose isremoval of damaged tissue. Warts are treated by using medicinal drugs and surgical procedures, if they are needed. To decrease progression of growths, you should use injection. If warts are removed by chemical means, on the surface of the applied tools that contribute to the dead harmful cells.

Many people do not know how to treat warts in this regard, they try various traditional remedies, which raise doubts many of the doctors. Self-medication in this case is prohibited - before use of a drug need to get detailed advice from a urologist (Ob-GYN). If conservative methods do not help, you need to hold the surgical removal using liquid nitrogen or laser. These treatments are not effective and do not cause any complications. As for complications, they may occur, will not be recognized if all of the infected foci.

It is important to promptly see a doctor, otherwise the growth will appear in greater numbers and in new places. After visiting the doctor and treatment recommended again come to the reception for prevention. It is worth to stress that genital warts are sexually transmitted, therefore it should be treated, and sexual partner.