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Treatment of anogenital warts

Anogenital warts have appeared the human papillomavirus. There are about 100 varieties. Each subtype corresponds to a certain localization and properties. A unified algorithm for the treatment of HPV does not exist. But the main lines are marked.

Possible outcomes of HPV infection

First, there is a possibility that the body is so strong and his immunity is so strong that will be able to cope with the virus, and it will cure itself. But such cases of unit.

Second, anogenital warts can be a long time not to change in size and number. Often they are progressing. But do not forget that the virus can develop in the body, long does not prove itself.

Противовирусный препарат ВиферонUsed and laser vaporization. This method is the most soft and gentle. Complications it excluded. Topical treatment of dysplasia of the epithelium of low degree. Recurrences occur in 4% of cases. Used laser and when you remove the warts in pregnant. Moreover, in a significant number of cases a cure can be already after a single procedure. Side effects of laser therapy are possible ulceration, scarring, secondary infection. The disadvantage of this method is its high cost due to expensive equipment and the need for specially trained personnel.

Cryotherapy is one of the most effective and affordable methods. Characterized by cooling the warts with liquid nitrogen. While this is frozen all over the inside of the cells which after thawing is eliminated. However, there remains the danger of involving in the process of healthy surrounding tissue. This method is virtually painless. Effective if perianal warts are small. If multiple anal warts, removal should be carried out in several stages, or other methods are used. Cryodestruction after the procedure, there is redness of the tissues, blistering and ulceration. In order to reduce the involvement of surrounding healthy tissue, applied KY gel.

Chemical destruction

Chemical methods consist in the use of drugs of acids, alkalis and salts. They are not hard to buy at the pharmacy, their cost is relatively small. Their application is possible and in house conditions. Warts at first darken and then disappear. The disadvantage of this method is the high frequency of recurrence. Such drugs are Cheap, drugs bismuth, Chinamen, salicylic and lactic acid. Strongly not recommended the use of these drugs in pregnant women.

With the same purpose, you can apply the juice of celandine,bath with a succession, celandine.

Treatment of anogenital warts should be mandatory, even if they don't create a large inconvenience.

This need is due to the high percentage of malignancy. It may take a little more time and create vaccines or drugs that can easily cope with such diseases.