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Features of the development and treatment of inguinal granuloma

Granuloma inguinal is a venereal disease spread during sexual contact. It affects not only the genitals with the genitals and the anus area.

The main symptoms of the disease

Inguinal granuloma has another name - donovans. Pathogens of such diseases are rod-shaped bacteria that most often affect men between the ages of 25 to 40 years. Advanced forms of penis may be destroyed. Women donovans much rarer and can lead to ulceration of the vagina and the anus.

In the course of this disease affected skin and the mucous membrane of the genital organs. In addition, there will be nodes gradually turning into sores. Ulcer formation during development of disease increase and affect the nearby tissue.

As noted above, a granuloma is a sexually transmitted disease, but has a very low infectious permeability. Therefore, the risk of infecting the partner after the first sexual intercourse is quite low. Most often, the lesion occurs after 2 - 3 relations. Sometimes a granuloma occurs in women after anal intercourse. And in the process of labor activity of bacteria can affect the newborn baby because it will go through positive channels.

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For the period of intensive treatment, the patient should refrain from all sexual contact. In addition, he must maintain good personal hygiene and to reduce the amount of communication with other people.

A feature of this infection is that when infected the symptoms are not evident immediately, but at this time there is active infection to other people around them. Therefore, when you go to the hospital, the patient must know all their sexual partners in the past 3 - 4 months. These people, doctors are also obliged to check.

After the treatment of the patient in some cases, it may be a relapse. In such a situation, the disease can occur with greater force. To avoid this, there should be preventive measures.

The preventive measures

All preventive measures can be divided into 2 large groups: this measure preliminary safety and activities, excluding the risk of relapse.

The main method of the 1st group of preventive interventions for inguinal granuloma, as for any other sexual disease, is the correct choice of sexual partners. In addition, you should avoid promiscuity. You must always use meansof contraception.

If you have to travel to third world countries, all intimate contacts should only be protected. Such measures will significantly reduce the risk of Contracting granuloma. It is not necessary to avoid the use of condoms, because they are the most effective means of contraception. Since the penetrating ability of infectious bacteria is very low, the effectiveness of condoms is 95%. If the partner's genitals have a strange color and odor, then intimacy with him should be avoided.

To prevent recurrence of the disease, you should strictly adhere to all recommendations of doctors. In addition, it is important to fully finish their course of antibiotics. If in the course of treatment has been weakened immunity, it should be taken vitamins. This will help to provide the body with essential elements and increase its resistance to infections and bacteria.

After completing the basic course of treatment through 1 - 2 months you can re-rehabilitation. It is not recommended to self-medicate, the drugs should be prescribed individually only by qualified personnel. This will allow you to avoid allergic reactions and other various pathologies. After a trip to the third world countries need to see the doctor-venereologist. It will help to identify the presence of the disease in the early stages of its manifestation.