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The human papilloma virus HPV 45 type and its importance in women

HPV refers to a potentially life-threatening diseases, because some types of papillomas, for example, HPV type 45 in women, provoke the development of cancer. The acronym HPV stands for "human papillomavirus". To be tested for this disease by a gynecologist. The results of the study will be specified, or no HPV detected, and if detected, what type. There are more than 100 varieties of human papillomavirus, the most common of them are studied in detail. HPV is widespread among the adult population, so any woman who is sexually active, sooner or later in contact with a carrier of this pathogen. The disease does not manifest any symptoms and yourself is the most women for 1-2 years. According to statistics, about 90% of women infected with HPV are cured due to the capabilities of your immune system.

Consequences of HPV infection

The remaining 10% are unable to recover on their own and need medical assistance. With a weak immune system without treatment, HPV causes:

  • changes in the vaginal mucosa and uterus, genital warts;
  • cervical dysplasia;
  • cancer of the cervix.

Data gynecological surveys say that only 5% of women with HPV get cervical dysplasia 2 or 3 degrees. 20% of them within 5 years from the date of occurrence of dysplasia developing cervical cancer. Statistics of cancer among all women suffering from HPV are very high. He is considered one of the main prerequisites for cancerous degeneration of the cells lining the cervix. Therefore, if you encounter this or other types of warts should immediately begin treatment.

Хирургическое вмешательство при ВПЧ 45 типа у женщин

Increased immunity to fight the viral infection is achieved using:

  • Poludana;
  • Prodigiozan;
  • Reaferona;
  • Cycloferon.

The impact of interferon and interferonogene allows to reduce the rate of formation of warts, to reduce the spread of infection.

When properly selected antiviral therapy can achieve cure HPV. Surgical removal is used to eliminate the source of pathogens. The following methods are used:

  • diatermokoagulyatsii;
  • radiowave coagulation;
  • chemical destruction of warts.

To choose the treatments you need under the guidance of a physician who is aware of the entire clinical picture.

Therefore, treatment for HPV should be made in advance, even before pregnancy. To monitorrecovery used cytological smear from the vagina and urethra. The analysis can be taken by a gynecologist. What not to do with detection of HPV:

  1. To use antibiotics. Many women do not see the difference between viral and bacterial infection and start taking antibiotics if you suspect any disease. Antibiotics are effective only when the infection is bacterial, and papilloma is a virus. Antibiotics can cause dysbiosis of the vaginal flora and candidiasis, but not able to affect the HPV.
  2. To use the methods of traditional medicine. Papilloma virus cannot be destroyed by any herbs, soap, ice and other dangerous recipes of scrap materials. Before you enter in my vagina any foreign object, even for medicinal purposes, you need to consult a gynecologist. Mucosal burns, deep wounds and sepsis is the consequence of inadequate treatment methods of traditional medicine.

Treatment for HPV you can use the medicines that are recommended by the physician. Treatment must pass both sexual partner at the same time, the only way to avoid re-infecting each other.