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What does the presence of HPV type 39 in a woman's body?

39 HPV is human papillomavirus, which has 39 sequence number. He is among the oncogenic viruses that are potentially dangerous for human health, as under favourable conditions can cause precancerous diseases of the female genital tract and also malignant processes in them. What is this terrible virus parasite life in the human body and thereby give the wearer the fear? Next will be discussed in detail.

What is genital HPV infection?

Papilloma virus man widely distributed is a source of various pathologies for both women and men. There are over 100 different types of HPV. Different types are provocateurs of various diseases.

About 30 from this list capable of hitting the genital tract of women. The most dangerous types of high risk on the part of Oncology. That is, those who have the greatest involvement in the development of cancer of the genital tract, including the cervix. Those recognized the following types: 16 and 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52.

Externally, the virus in women and men is manifested in the form of outgrowths on the body of papillomas and genital warts, is a cause of dysplasia (precancerous condition of the female organs) and cancerous processes in the cervix.

What are the ways of getting infected with HPV?

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How to detect HPV?

To diagnose HPV resort to specialized techniques. Popular is PCR-analysis. Polymerase chain reaction allows us to see the presence of the virus, as well as to identify the type of pathogen.

However, to explore viral load resort to quantitative HPV test. This test is able to detect a critical concentration of the pathogen, which is directly related to the degeneration of cells. With this research method it becomes possible to make evaluation of the success of the applied treatment. Because of the virus entirely is almost impossible, however, to temper its activity by treatment is likely.

Signs of papilloma virus in the body seen during gynecological examination the external and internal female genitals. On examination, the gynecologist makes a fence on Cytology of a smear from the walls of the uterine cervix. DAB gives an estimate around the cervix cells.

What are the ways of dealing with HPV are there?

At this time, there is no specialized drug with the sighting of the influence of any type of virus. Medications from a number of interferons (e.g., cycloferon) interferonogenami (prodigiozan, Poludan, etc.) only affect the disappearance of existing units. To reduce the risk of new they can't.

The main treatmenthuman papillomavirus infection is recognized formations removal chemical cauterization or surgical procedure. Often combined destructive procedure with taking antiviral medications, which also increase the immune status of the infected women.