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That means the detection of HPV 33 for women and is there treatment for HPV?

HPV-33 is nothing like the type of human papillomavirus, referred to the group of high carcinogenic risk (WRC). In other words, the presence of the identified type of HPV as a result of analysis in the maximum allowable concentration is a direct indication that the doctor may suspect the patient has cancer. Then he appoints the completion of a number of clarifying studies. What is interesting 33 the type of papillomavirus in a human? Consider the topic in more detail.

The prevalence of HPV

Now quite widespread received HPV infection of the genital ways of man. If the patient is sent for tests to detect human papillomavirus in the body and its type, then the probability of obtaining a positive result are very high. The situation of diagnosis of this pathology in the world has increased more than tenfold. Considerable role in this belongs to the fact that scientists and doctors from around the world began to show increased interest in this issue. And such an interest has appeared for a reason, after all, relatively recently, was the belonging of human papilloma viruses among the pathogens that can provoke cancer of the rectum and cervix of women.

There are over 100 human papilloma viruses. However, only 15 of the available are capable to provoke the development of cancer.12 of them are registered in Russia. In this regard, all a symptom of HPV are divided into low, moderate and high carcinogenic type. The most dangerous are viruses type 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 52, 51, 58, 56, 59, 68.

Консультация врача при ВПЧ

So, for example, age patients who often diagnose the first symptoms of malignant transformation of the cervix 30. While the average age of women suffering from cervical cancer is 50 years.

Diagnostic measures

To identify PVI important role is played by several diagnostic techniques. The first of these is a banal gynecological examination. If the doctor visually suspect something is wrong with the cervix, it sends a colposcopy (a target examination of the vaginal mucosa with the use of staining of suspicious areas).

Cytological study revealed the type of viral pathogen, and only characteristic of this infection epithelial deformation of the cervix.

Histological study examines some piece of cloth on the subject of the structure of cells and the correct location of their layers.

The technique of PCR - most sensitive and accurate diagnostics, which detect either the pathogen or its separate fragments. To determine the presence of the pathogen inthe cervix, which is very important for determining the prognosis of the disease.

The tactics of the patients

Usually, doctors treat only those symptoms which arise from the effects of the virus as fully excrete this pathogen is not possible.

The effect of therapy is achieved in 50-70% of cases, while a quarter of situations, the disease returns after a few months after the disappearance.

Methods on eliminating genital warts:

Destructive techniques are presented by local effects for the elimination of warts. This can include physical treatments:

  • laser therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • surgical diathermy;
  • electrosurgical excision.

In chemical procedures (cauterization) using the following medications:

  • solkoderm;
  • trichloroacetic acid;
  • cheap.

In serious cases, your doctor may prescribe cytotoxic medicines: podophyllotoxin (kondilin), 5-fluorouracil, podophyllin. Contraindicated for use is pregnancy.

Very often in the therapy of papillomavirus used drugs from the group of interferons (Reaferon, Kipferon, Viferon). They contain protein substances produced by cells of the immune system in response to the provocation of viruses.

The vaccine against HPV high-risk for cancer is usually done to young women. But its influence is not fully understood, so at any age need to remain vigilant.