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What is that HPV (the human papillomavirus (HPV) type 51 in women and men?

51 HPV type in women - what is it? This question interests many. Viruses do not allow a person to live quietly. One, then the other to enter the body, causing serious problems and foreseeing a long treatment. One of these problems - papillomavirus infection, which occurs in the genital tract. In recent years, increasingly in the gynecologist's office, after examination, it sounds like this diagnosis: the woman discovered the human papillomavirus.

Doctors began more closely than ever before to treat this virus and involved scientists, so they conducted laboratory studies. It was found that the seemingly harmless HPV contributes to cancer of the cervix and of the rectum. A special place in the fight against viruses living in the genitals, the virus is denoted by the numeral 51.

What are the causes of the disease?

In the body of both men and women can be 100 varieties of this virus. They are divided into three types according to the degree of risk of oncological diseases. The following types of papillomas:

  • low;
  • medium;
  • high.

One of the most insidious considered HPV 51. This virus causes cancer.

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Here before the doctor has a difficult task to identify them, because in color they do not differ from normal skin. They have one feature that complicates setting the correct diagnosis. They can appear when the immunity of the person decreases because:

  • stress;
  • poor nutrition;
  • receiving complex medication;
  • serious diseases;
  • hypothermia;
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.

When the body's defenses begin to work in full force, this viral infection may disappear and then reappear. Genital warts. They occur in one place or in several, and may receive one, and maybe a lot at once. Their favorite place is a place that is usually injured during sex. One warts may be very small, from 1 mm, or may rise higher than centimetres.

If it is very large or the lesion covers a large area, it can injure. Often it causes bleeding. To identify these warts is easy, because they resemble, according to the apt definition physicians, a distinctive crest of a cock or the inflorescence of broccoli. And they grow on the stem.

In women, genital warts found that when they wash, hand palpable irregularities. The appearance of genital warts might lead to virus the drive 51, and this is a threat of cancer development. Flat warts mostly lives in the cervixof the uterus. In this way manifested a viral infection, which long ago fell into the sex organs and has already contributed to the change in the cells of the cervix. If these warts are located on the internal organs, they are hidden deep. This is a very dangerous virus, because there is a strong likelihood that the woman will eventually hear the diagnosis "Oncology".

But no need to panic, if the body revealed a flat warts. You will need a number of certain factors, and can arise only if the symptoms that define cancer.

Diagnosis and treatment of HPV

To identify the human papillomavirus, required medical examination. Typically use a clinical method, such as colposcopy. This means that the vagina and cervix are examined using a device specifically designed for this purpose. A very reliable method of research such as gene therapy. The main thing here is to identify what changes occur due to the presence of the virus in the cervix, namely in the cells of its epithelium. To conduct the study, take scraping it from the surface of the cervix and from the cervical canal.

There is another very important method which helps to determine the type of HPV. This histological study. Many confuse it with the cytological study, but if Cytology is scraping, here is removed a small piece of tissue and studied already fully a damaged cell, if its layers. If the woman is pregnant, such a study cannot be carried out. To see the type of viral infection and whether the patient is in the risk zone of cancer, using the polymerase chain reaction.

Despite the fact that medicine is constantly evolving, creating new means of combating various diseases, the treatment of human papillomavirus infection is still very difficult. Therefore, the emphasis is mostly do to the treatment of its manifestations. And even when it seems that the effect is achieved, it takes some time, and the disease again makes itself felt. If you rely on the fact that, for example, genital warts can appear and disappear, many doctors agree that it is better not to carry out any treatment. You just need to avoid factors affecting the decline of immunity.

To treat viral infection of the virus type PCH 51 used a topical treatment, when you remove the papilloma. Destructive methods are a few:

  • physical activity is carried out by laser, cryosurgery, electrosurgical excision method;
  • chemical - using a variety of special products;
  • surgical.

However, the physicians are always ready to ensure that there is a threat of a new infection, bleeding and the appearance of new papillomas. Inmany laboratories, hospitals and universities strive to find a vaccine that would be able to defeat the virus the drive 51 of the first type, because the risk of cancer is then much reduced.