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35 HPV type in women: what is it, what are its symptoms and treatment

The human papilloma virus affects half the female population of the planet. There are many types of this disease. 35 HPV type in women - what is it? HPV 35 entails cancer. Statistics on the female side of the population. Living 4.5 billion women, cervical cancer is diagnosed about half a million, while more than half survive. The second half die from neglect of their own health.

HPV type 35 enters a woman's body during sexual contact. Sex, kissing and even a simple touch can cause infection. The positive side is that in most cases the immune system is able to resist disease. During the struggle of the immune system with HPV 35 of the type characterized by these symptoms:

  • temperature;
  • itching;
  • irritation;
  • fever.

Activation of the virus takes a long time, the process can last up to a year and a half.

If the immune system failed to defeat HPV, genital women warts appear pink on a thin stalk. These growths inherent in the male genitals.

Рисунок остроконечной кондиломыThe entire course of treatment is monitored by three doctors: gynecologist, oncologist and dermatologist. Besides, a doctor can be assigned to different ointments and antibiotics. It should be remembered that the entire course of treatment aims to help the immune system to translate disease into hibernate mode and to prevent the possibility of manifestation of external symptoms. Full recovery from the disease does not exist.

Treatment may lead to different consequences depending on the phase of development where women go to the doctor, as well as the specific relationship to the disease.

Summing up said

HPV type 35 in women is a serious disease that entails far more serious consequences until the development of cervical cancer, and later death.

In order that would not get this disease, you need to follow up sexual contacts and use of means of protection. If the process of transmission of the virus has occurred and began to appear on the external symptoms you must immediately consult a doctor. Will be assigned a course of treatment, which, in most cases, it helps to suppress the virus.

An important factor is that during disease HPV should not give additional burden on the immune system. You should refrain from walking in rainy weather or to avoid areas of mass infection of people.

Though the virus affects half the female population of the planet, but statistics are on your side. Timelyappeal to the professional and responsible attitude to the process of recovery will give the desired result.

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