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What it means for women HPV 58 type?

When diagnosed with HPV type 58 in women, what it is, many patients do not even know. However, be aware that, first, it's a virus, a parasite in the human body, second, it is attributed to microorganisms of the alpha group of HPV (which includes the human papilloma viruses 51, 52, 56, 59), consisting of 60 types and associated high risk to cancer. What does it mean?

This means that the papillomavirus 16, 33, 18, 39, 59, 66, 58 types when hit in the genitals (cervix) in women causes pre-cancerous disease: CIN 1, 2 and 3 degrees cancer. 58 type and the like can only be obtained from other infection carrier. And usually the infection occurs in the genital contact, that is sexually transmitted. This type of virus is very common. Over the past few decades, a 10-fold increase in cases of infection to them. Its entire period of existence papillomavirus spends in other cells of the body. Although much may be beyond them. Under normal conditions, does not manifest itself. But when there are favourable factors (in case of low immunity, for example) is the provocateur of pathological changes at the cellular level. And such that they can develop into cancer.

When should I worry?

The difficulty of diagnosing oncogenic viruses determines what you need to be attentive to your female health. Having had growths (which could be nothing more than papillomas and genital warts) in intimate areas, you should immediately see a doctor, who will appoint examination and further treatment if necessary. Early detection and adequate treatment the chances of rebirth 52 58 HPV allows to reduce to zero. Another thing with the virus 56 of a type that is quickly spreading on the mucous membranes. Although here the time passed the examination of the epidermis can greatly help in the expulsion of the virus from the body.

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Minor signs:

  • fatigue;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • lack of iron in the body.

If a person finds growths in the area of the rectum and other symptoms, it is necessary to consult with an oncologist.

What is the threat of 51 HPV? This type is no less dangerous to humans and is able under suitable conditions to result in malignant education. After the detection of the virus in the blood requires a mandatory visit to the oncologist. The choice of treatment strategy will be determined by the manifestations of the virus on the mucous membranes.

Under the influence of the type 51 often develops carcinoma of the cervix. The disease is the second in a series of gynecological diseases after malignant tumors of the breast. This is calledwomen's cancer the development of malignant cells in the background of the damaged layers of protection in them. The development of cancer contribute to new factors. Conditions causing carcinoma of the uterine cervix:

  • injured cervix after abortion and operations.
  • different sexual partners;
  • Smoking;
  • activation of papilloma virus in the body;
  • the herpetic infection.

In carcinoma of the cervix characterized by symptoms, like bleeding after the last menstruation, pain during intercourse, spotting after it. This may hurt the stomach, swollen lymph nodes. With this diagnosis, the therapy involves surgical removal of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. For women shows young radiowave destruction of tissue, or cervical conization.

In women, the virus, in addition to cancer, causes cancer of the vaginal walls, vulva, anal area outside.