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What exercises can strengthen the bladder in women, men and children?

How to strengthen bladder woman? This question worries many patients. When a child is born, his body is built so that every organ works well. The body is smooth, which meets each authority. This is such a kind of system, the operation of which depends on every detail of our body. With age, the bodies wear out, depending on the person's lifestyle.

Causes problems with urination

Man feels old age differently. Older people often face a lot of ailments. Women and men are very different, and health problems they have are also different. But there is one thing in common is problems with urination. This problem makes older people a lot of discomfort. Out of the house for a long time is a lot of unpleasant sensations: the smells, stains on clothes and discomfort. Of course, every problem has a solution as every illness is the course of treatment.

To strengthen a weak bladder will help very simple and light exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The first thing you should start to know the reason of origin of disease. In the bladder the person has accumulated so much urine, how much they can hold. When we go to the bathroom, bladder full, and then muscles contract, and we are emptied.

Упражнения для укрепления мышц таза

They include:

  • cereals;
  • shellfish;
  • seeds;
  • red fish;
  • nuts;
  • vegetables;
  • sprouted wheat.

In order to avoid a weak bladder is to eat less spicy food. You need to drink herbal teas and mineral water, drink at least a litre of water a day, but not before leaving the house.

One of the important factors is overweight. People who are overweight, are also subject to the problem with urination because fats put pressure on all the organs, including the bladder. When the weight is normal, then not only it becomes easier for the body, but fat weight will not put pressure on the bladder, which should alleviate the problem.

There are a few secrets that will help at a time when the bladder is full, and the ability to release no. Posture stooping forward, as if to wipe the shoes, will help reduce the bubble, taking the pressure off of him.

It is not superfluous to carry a change of underwear, pads or diapers. This margin will not surprise and will add confidence along the way. Choosing clothes, you need to pay attention to the loose cut trousers or skirts. Not be amiss to choose clothes of dark tones.