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What does the term "normozoospermia when you get the semen?

What does normozoospermia is the first question that arises with this diagnosis from her husband. When the couple wants to get a child to this event prepared very carefully. And any deviations in the health of a man and a woman may affect fertilization.

The phenomenon of normozoospermia means that all indicators male sperm are on the boundary of the established norms, and fertilization is possible in the near future. But the results of semen analysis, there are some deviations that prevent the fertilization of an egg. It would seem that if almost everything is normal, but pregnancy does not occur, then what could be the reason?

Indicators of sperm

In the male sperm, there are cells that affect the condition of sperm, making it viscous. And this can become an obstacle to conception. To the norms of the testimony of the sperm will take the volume from 2 mm and more than half of active sperm in the entire composition.

Indicators of male sperm, ready to conceive:

  • the volume of male seed should not exceed 2 mm;
  • the number of active sperm more than 40 million;
  • the sperm concentration of more than 15 million;
  • sperm motility more than 40%;
  • sperm vitality, more than 58%.

Польза правильного питания для повышения качества спермы

If the man was diagnosed with normozoospermia with pathology, it should be definitely treated.

Treatment of pathology

Treatment of any disease begins with identification of the reasons for its formation. If the rate of indications of the composition of the sperm is not achieved, then you need to find the object responsible for this deviation. Usually the inflammation of the urogenital system and reduced because of the immunity. So the first thing to treat these pathologies and to go to the doctor-the urologist with all the tests and semen analysis.

The doctor prescribes the treatment and prescribe a course of antibiotics. After recovery, you will need to start taking vitamins, to attain the optimal rate of part of semen.

If you are thinking about expanding your family, the treatment should not be delayed, that the disease is not passed into the chronic form. To treat the disease required, until the man is in reproductive age, as over the years to do it will be more difficult.