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What it is teratozoospermia, what are its causes, symptoms and treatment?

Surely not every man had heard of such a thing as teratozoospermia, what it is, how it is treated, and the like. The disease is still relevant because it can interfere with marital happiness of married couples. Men with this disorder are unlikely to become fathers if you don't try to treat the disease, in addition, it is not easy to get rid of. Very often such couples have to resort to artificial insemination. So if the family is unable to have a baby after numerous attempts, it makes sense to do semen analysis to detect a particular pathology of the seed. Later access to a doctor can lead to infertility, which is practically impossible to cure in spite of modern medical advances.

Introduction to terminology

What it is, the answer to the question of how to treat teratozoospermia can give you any urologist or andrologist.

So, as has been said, teratozoospermia is one of the causes of male infertility. If teratozoospermii processes of reproduction sperm, which detects more than 50 % of the sperm of the wrong form, with the deviation of the shape of the head and tail.

For example, the sperm head may be more or less than, the norm is not too long, short or deformed tail. The head of the sperm with two tails or, on the contrary, a bifurcated head with a single ponytail, too, are not the norm. The neck of the sperm can be thickened or deformed. In the ejaculate, a slight amount of residual bodies. Such violations in the structure of the sperm does not allow them to perform the reproductive function, so the likelihood of fertilization is almost zero.

Алкоголизм как причина тератозооспермии

Don't forget that for the reproductive function of both sexes is of great importance folic acid. When it is insufficient the woman will not be able to bear a child, and the man cannot impregnate a woman, as in the seminal fluid begin to show the pathology of the structure of the sperm. To eliminate the deficiency of folic acid in the body is necessary to make black currant tea. It is useful and that improves immunity. In addition to folic acid, contains ascorbic acid, i.e. vitamin C. often in the fight with teratozoospermia used a decoction of nettle leaves, psyllium husks and birch leaves. You can still add in the diet of pumpkin juice, which is best to drink early in the morning and before bedtime.

Complications and risks

What is the danger of teratozoospermia? First, the presence of this disease in men affects the conception of the child. Ifeven the fertilization takes place successfully, in most cases, pregnancy is accompanied by serious complications. Especially at an early stage in women, the probability of miscarriage, sometimes violations of fetal development leads to the fading of pregnancy. So the more damage the disease caused to the body of the partner, if she got pregnant from a sick man.

In this situation, the pair is recommended to delay the conception of a child as long as the semen does not come to normal. In other words, at the time of treatment of teratozoospermia, is to abandon the conception of the child. However, the treatment gives the desired effect not always. Then the doctors can suggest couple decent alternative - artificial insemination. This eliminates a number of problems with a pregnancy.