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Severity, treatment and the possibility of pregnancy with oligozoospermia in men

Many couples interested in this question: oligozoospermia and pregnancy is it compatible and is it possible for a woman to conceive if her partner is sick?

Oligozoospermia is a condition in which the ejaculate, concentration of sperm cells is below the accepted norm. According to the existing regulations in 1 ml of semen should be at least 20 million of sperm cells, the average volume of semen is 2-5 ml. in addition to the required number of sperm must be motile, viable, to have the right form, and their speed should be high.

If a man is healthy, then in one ejaculation on average produces 60 to 150 million sperm, if the quantity is less, the chances of a woman getting pregnant are reduced to almost zero. To diagnose, you need to make 2-3 of sperm, undergo ultrasound and other methods. If a perfectly healthy woman can not get pregnant for a year, then the man is diagnosed with oligozoospermia 2 degrees, but it may be different.

The disease may be accompanied by such pathology as oligospermia (in this case decreases the number of sperm), asthenozoospermia (when it becomes less sperm motility) and teratozoospermia (in this case, the ejaculate a large percentage of malformed sperm cells).

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What treatment can be recommended?

Since there are different causes that lead to the development of this disease, the treatment of oligozoospermia is based on the first data causes completely eliminate. To do this, hold the hormone and stimulating therapy, and in some cases perform surgery.

Good effect gives the use of hormone replacement therapy. If developed the disease due to inflammation, prescribe anti-inflammatory therapy, vitamin, can be assigned to the testicular massage, physiotherapy and dietary Supplements.

If grade 3 and 4 disease, it is severe oligozoospermia, the treatment in this case is often ineffective, and restore reproductive ability is no longer possible. In such cases, in vitro fertilization.

A man should give up bad habits, eat right, it is necessary to remove all the negative factors such as fatigue, hypothermia, exposure, and, if the disease is mild, this may be enough to restore men's health.

Not as SuperCool and often to go to the bath, you should eat a healthy diet, including seafood, honey, nuts, herbs, meat, and then the question of whether we can conceive of oligozoospermia, you, worry not, because you can avoid specified diseases.