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What is pyospermia men, what are its causes and effect on conception and pregnancy?

Pyospermia - what is it? Presents the pathological process is associated with inflammation that occurs in the genitourinary system men. Semen has an unpleasant odor and has a grayish-green tint that indicates the presence of pus. The source of the purulent content can be any body. This applies to the seminal vesicles, epididymis, prostate and urethra.

Factors of the pathology development

Causes of pus in men is often associated with an inflammatory process. The following diseases can lead to illness, especially when they are running form:

  1. Orchitis.
  2. Epididymitis.
  3. Prostatitis.
  4. Vesiculitis.
  5. Urethritis.

However, there is the likelihood of more dangerous diseases, e.g., tuberculosis of the testicles or prostate gland. Such inflammation is characterized by pyospermia, but may be other phenomena: hemospermia, asthenozoospermia, and teratozoospermia oligospermia.

Боль в паху у мужчин

The first tool, which is used in medicine to eliminate disease, characterized by pharmacological methods. Used by a large number of different funds are the following groups:

  1. The immunomodulators.
  2. The antibiotic drugs.
  3. Vitamin complexes.
  4. Media with antimycotic substances.
  5. Drugs of plant origin.

The latter is necessary to improve the activity of sperm and enhance sperm quality. To improve male fertility, use of ozone therapy. The method is used to eliminate viral infections of the type that can appear in the genital system, so the tool is very effective. Used method and as a prevention.

Thus, pyospermia is associated with impaired sperm quality and decreased activity of sperm. On the possibility of conception such a phenomenon may not influence, however, it is recommended to refrain from planning family, as there is a risk of abnormalities in the fetus. For the detection of disease should seek medical advice and medical examinations. Treatment at home is not recommended.