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What is oligospermia, how to treat it and is it possible to get pregnant in pathology with a partner?

Oligospermia is a decrease in the volume of emitted semen in one ejaculation with a parallel decrease in the quality and composition of sperm at 1 mg. the Norm is the amount of semen discharged in one sexual intercourse. It should be from 2 to 5 mg. What is this oligospermia, why it occurs and how to treat it? Let's face it.

Stage of development of oligospermia

Such a diagnosis, as oligospermia, is one of the main enemies attempt natural conception. If, after laboratory examinations, the disease is confirmed, then immediately need to start treatment. Most often this disease occurs in men older age group, when the production of semen decreases, but there are exceptions.

In the presence of men oligospermia partner cannot get pregnant for a long time, even using during intercourse contraceptives. Since men do not often unable to notice a decrease in the number of emitted semen, thereby suggesting a similar diagnosis.

In General, the disease occurs without any pain. Accurately indicate the presence of this disease can doctor after decoding of semen.

УЗИ для диагностики олигоспермии

In addition, the maintenance of male health and condition of the semen is affected by diet, which should include:

  • foods that contain protein: meat, beans, fish, nuts;
  • natural antioxidants: spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots;
  • products containing vitamin C: citrus, bell peppers, tomatoes;
  • foods high in vitamin E: olive oil, various nuts;
  • products containing selenium: garlic, broccoli;
  • foods containing zinc: mushrooms, legumes and egg yolk.

Is it possible to get pregnant with this disease in men? There is always a chance, just the chance of conception in the diagnosis is very small. Although fertilization is needed only one sperm cell, but because of a small amount of semen, half of them dying before reaching their goal. If time does not establish cause and not to engage in treatment, the man may become infertile, and this, in turn, leads to mental and nervous disorders. Since it is believed that the inability to have children the man is considered as a factor in its insolvency.