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Which drugs can be administered with premature ejaculation?

There are often questions about the pills from premature ejaculation. Sexual intercourse ended too quickly, often injures the male psyche. Because of this, often crumbling family relationships there are problems with the conception of an heir.

Premature ejaculation is a subject to treatment in several ways. But before that you need to accurately diagnose the illness, identify all possible reasons for its appearance. Don't use different drugs without prescription.

The causes of early ejaculation

Any man must understand that it is not necessary to resort to self-medication such a delicate problem. The causes of the disease can be too different:

  • premature ejaculation is very much influenced by the lack of sexual contacts for a long time, and suffers from not only the act itself, but also the quality of sperm;
  • the problems associated with psycho-emotional human condition, for example, pursuing the man's fear about possible infection of the "bad" diseases;
  • excessive sensitivity of the penis;
  • a variety of inflammatory and oncological diseases;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • frequent stressful situations, which happen to a person;
  • brain injury is the spine.

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It is important to remember that all drugs are taken only after medical prescription.

Other methods of treatment

Sexual (behavioral) therapy used for the treatment of premature ejaculation in case if the cause is emotional problems of the plan.

Using several techniques. One of them is called stop-start. Act immediately interrupted for some time after excitation, and then resumed. A woman should help man in this. And the whole act can be represented in the form of games.

The next technique of behavior therapy is the prolongation of the act. For this purpose, methods such as compression or squashing of the head of the penis or the base.

You can try to reduce the sensitivity, using special condoms with drugs-anesthetics.Such funds can make intercourse better.

Another way of getting rid of this problem is reflexology. If the sexual act ends much earlier than I would like, there shall be massage, acupuncture and other similar treatments. But this treatment is an auxiliary accompanying the main one. Complex therapy, including reflexology, helps much faster to cope with the disease.

If it does not help any medication and other conservative methods, the doctor can offer the patient surgery. The result in most cases ispositive. This fully there are no side effects.

For surgical treatment include:

  • implantation of hyaluronic acid injections;
  • conduct microsurgical denervation;
  • the holding of the circumcision (circumcision).

Hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin of the glans penis. Creates a cushion that reduces its sensitivity. It prolongs the sexual act. But the injections are not too long, about 8-12 months. Then early ejaculation is returned.

When circumcision removes the skin part of the foreskin, then there is plastic bridles. This operation is carried out as a prevention for various diseases.

Root canal treatment is the effect on nerve endings located on the glans penis.