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Is it possible to get pregnant during acute and chronic cystitis?

Many young women worried about whether getting pregnant cystitis? The fact that in this disease the urogenital system in the abdomen felt cutting and nagging pains, and fixed frequent and painful urination, impaired sexual desire, reduced libido. The woman begins to experience intimacy with discomfort, which leads her to the conclusion that he will not be able in the future to get pregnant because of her cystitis.

The infectious process and the feasibility of conceiving

In chronic cystitis in a woman's body possibly the appearance and development of different complications in the urinary system of women. The fact that the disease is characterized by the presence of an infection in the bladder wall and not in the genital tract of women. As a result, from a medical point of view of contraindications for pregnancy does not arise.

The same the cervix and vagina are completely passable for sperm. As they have no inflammation, the properties of cervical mucus does not change, thus the female egg may enter the uterus via the fallopian tubes, which will happen quite natural fertilization.

However, despite the fact that cystitis can be become pregnant, many questions arise concerning the appropriateness of this. The fact that the pregnant woman's body is not only a place of the origin and development of the baby, but the most important protection for him from all sorts of infections and diseases. Therefore, the health of the mother depends on the health of the unborn child.

Проблема подготовки к беременности

We should also mention sexually transmitted diseases. The fact that women they can develop without any visible symptoms. Because the structure of the excretory and reproductive system "the weaker sex" contributes to the development of cystitis and other infections, sexually transmitted diseases can give impetus to the beginning of their course. So even if you have any just suspicion that you contracted such diseases, should immediately postpone a planned pregnancy and consult doctor for treatment.

Bladder infection during pregnancy

By itself cystitis in pregnancy does not prevent and this is not dangerous, but its complications are indeed very dangerous for both the mother and the fetus.

What to do in the case when the cystitis is already identified at the time of pregnancy? The doctors here suggest first of all not to worry. Despite the fact that in this period do not receive most prescriptions, an experienced doctor can always choose those of uroseptic and antibiotics that can be usedeven in the later stages of pregnancy.

In addition, recently developed several methods of treatment, allowing to introduce drugs directly into the bladder. Such injections are called installations. They contribute to the termination of the inflammatory process and eliminate pathogens.

It should be remembered that a woman should not during pregnancy to self-medicate. So many folk remedies, despite their apparent safety, can seriously damage the health of the mother and the unborn child.

In that case, if you have a predisposition to the development of cystitis, you should do it with care rather than self-medicate. As in the first trimester can not be applied 99% of medicines, is instead to drink plenty of fluids such as fruit drinks, fruit drinks, water.

However, it should be remembered that this method of prevention is effective only until the 20th week of pregnancy. After this period, a very high risk of developing preeclampsia and edema.

Therefore, such terms should use gentle methods of prevention of cystitis, for example, not to wear tight clothes, to observe the rules of personal hygiene, not SuperCool, not overeating, to prevent the occurrence of constipation, avoid stress, get enough sleep.