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If cystitis is transmitted sexually and is the disease contagious to a partner?

Is there any cystitis from female to male? To answer this question, we need to know the way of infection, by which the disease affects the body and how is cystitis. Since this disease is caused by certain types of microorganisms and an inflammatory process on the structures of the bladder, it is logical that these same bacteria can go on another organism.

As the infection penetrates into the human body?

Can the cystitis go female to male? How can this happen? If in contact with a sick woman (who are more susceptible to disease, although men also suffer from cystitis) occur conditions that will trigger the transfer of germs? Contagious cystitis? The answer to all questions is given below.

As the disease is inflammatory, and the inflammation is practically not contagious (it harms only the person whose organism has evolved), then with this point of view, there is no danger. But such diseases as cystitis, caused by bacteria that have the ability to relocate into the body of another person under the appropriate conditions. So, is there any cystitis sexual method?

Inflammation of the bladder and urinary canals today considered the most common pathologies in urology, almost all sexually Mature women, there are symptoms of cystitis. In many patients, the disease subsides spontaneously, but treatment with Antibacterials is stretched for a long time.

Презервативы для профилактики заражения циститом

Such a defeat is a fungal infection - the phenomenon is quite common with honeymooners. It is desirable as soon as possible to identify the disease. In the early stages it can be cured relatively quickly. Therapy from candidiasis must pass both partners, otherwise the effectiveness of the treatment will be reduced to zero due to the fact that the disease can recidivate.

To prevent the possibility of defeat cystitis, newlyweds need to teach preventive measures that need to be taken before sexual intercourse. These personal hygiene measures include taking a shower before and after intercourse and compulsory emptying the bladder after sexual intercourse.

If a couple wants to have a child, then each partner need to be examined and tested to determine whether they have a disease that is transmitted sexual routes. If you find some for the illness, it is necessary to postpone the birth of the child until full recovery. Treated in this case both a man and a woman.

As preventive measures against cystitis people shouldlead an active lifestyle, to adhere to the rules of rational nutrition. It is impossible to SuperCool. To maintain immunity, you can use immunomodulators and vitamin complexes. During sexual relations it is necessary to use such measures of protection as condoms, especially with a partner, about whose health there is no information.

Simple barrier contraception in many cases to protect people from appearance and development of diseases such as cystitis and diseases of a venereal nature.

The likelihood that these diseases will impress the woman or man with normal immune systems who lead an active and healthy lifestyle, and carry out all rules of personal hygiene, minimum. Thus it is necessary to pay attention not only to food but also to use underwear made from natural materials. It is necessary to refuse from unhealthy habits such as Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and try to avoid becoming involved in different stress situations.