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What to do if the person is "stiff" bladder?

If a woman got a cold in the bladder, symptoms of cystitis will immediately let you know. This is perhaps the most common complaint with which women come on reception to the doctor-urologist. Statistics say that at least every 3 woman turns to the doctor with a similar problem. And very often confirms the diagnosis of "acute cystitis". Cystitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder. A woman who suspects that you've got a cold in the bladder, notice a variety of symptoms that point to it, and they can be expressed in different ways depending on the severity of the disease.

The factors leading to cystitis

They say that the cold of the bladder in women is that the body is overcooled. But this statement is not entirely true. The causes of cystitis a bacterial infection, hypothermia, poor personal hygiene, walking in wet shoes, stress, overwork, lack of sleep and poor immunity can be a stimulus to the development of cystitis, if the infection is in the body you already have. A hotbed of infection in women is almost always of the vagina or anus, and in men the common cold (cystitis) can cause inflammation in the prostate, sexually transmitted infections or adenoma.


If a woman got a cold in the bladder, it is likely that she will experience these symptoms:

  1. Under your pubic bone there is a sharp, pronounced pain. In some it is cutting in nature, others whining, and some women complain of pain pricking character.
  2. Pain during urination. Throughout the act of urination the woman feels pain, burning, cramps, tingling. Especially the pain is worse at the end when the bladder is emptied, and the sick and inflamed walls in contact with each other.
  3. Urination abnormally frequent, in some cases every 30 min.

Обращение к врачу при цистите

If a woman is prone to allergies, then she should definitely tell the doctor so he can advise her about this, told what to do. Most likely, the doctor will suggest to the main treatment, add and take antihistamines to eliminate the risk of developing allergies and to avoid potential complications. In order that the treatment was successful, you have to strictly adhere to the dosage of drugs that the physician prescribes, clearly follow this pattern and do not skip the time and amount of medication. In any case it is impossible to be guided only by information taken from the Internet or from medical directories. To self-medicate is strictly prohibited. This may cause irreparable harm, and not expectedimprovement.

If a cold bladder of a pregnant woman, the symptoms of the disease and its treatment will be the same. The only thing the doctor can be corrected is the dosage of a drug, and the timing of its ingestion.

There are a number of recommendations for the successful treatment of cystitis, since only medical treatment is limited not work. So, for a speedy recovery and elimination of disease recurrence, observe the following rules:

  1. During treatment, you need to give up all the foods and drinks that can irritate the bladder. These may include fatty, fried, spicy, smoked and acidic foods. Drinks - coffee, eliminate even instant.
  2. In order to recover, it is strictly forbidden to smoke and take alcoholic drinks. Ideally, health promotion - Smoking and drinking should quit completely.
  3. In the first week, while the treatment is carried out, you need to abstain from sex. Next, the woman needs to pay attention to the overall condition, if it is normal, then you can return to sexual activity.
  4. During the process of treatment it is advisable to drink plenty of plain water without gas. But again, overdoing it is not worth it. What does it do? And we need this in order to as soon as possible to deduce from organism with urine all the harmful bacteria that led to this disease. To ease the pain and burning when going to the bathroom in the water you need to add at least a little bit of baking soda. Soda will help to reduce the acidic urine, and this means that it will not be so caustic and inflamed bladder wall will suffer significantly less.

No need to carry the disease on their feet, need to call in sick and lie in bed, relax, engage in active physical activity. In order to reduce the pain in the pubic region, need to apply a warm heating pad or a bottle with warm water. But it is impossible to overheat the place that the infection has not penetrated to the kidneys.