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Furazolidone cystitis: instructions for use and efficiency

Furazolidone cystitis is used for a long time and is one of the most reliable products. Has antimicrobial properties. Furazolidone cystitis is used because of the ability of its constituent nitrofurans to counteract the active enzyme structures of different bacteria and microorganisms.

When using Furazolidone from cystitis is growth inhibition of bacteria and suspend their reproduction. This is particularly evident during treatment with this drug cystitis caused by germs such as Trichomonas.

In the development of inflammatory process in the bladder that the drug effectively cope with the elimination of the disease.

Rules of admission and dosing regimens

How to take Furazolidone cystitis? The use of medication is made ingestion. As stated in the instructions for use, it must be done after meals. Tablet medications are swallowed whole, chewed her doctors do not recommend. Then drink plenty of fluids.

For treatment of children older than 1 year, the physician calculates the dosage of the medication depending on the weight of the child. The drug should give the kid or teenager 4 times in 24 hours. The usual course of therapy with this drug for children is 3-4 days. It is then recommended to rest for 3 days and repeat the use of Furazolidone.

Почечная недостаточность - противопоказание к приему Фуразолидона

If the Furazolidone should be used to treat pregnant or lactating women, it must be done with great care. Doctors must weigh the benefits of the drug and the harm it can cause to the foetus or baby. Usually if lactation you need to hold treatment of cystitis with Furazolidone, the mother needs for the period of treatment to stop to nurse the baby. The most active compounds from the drug can easily penetrate into breast milk that may harm the baby.

Adverse reactions

As with all drugs of this drug when used may cause various unwanted effects.

Although this medication is considered to be low toxic, it can cause the following side effects:

  1. The patient may have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Most often this is expressed in the development of diarrhea. Some patients showed nausea and symptoms of vomiting.
  2. In the use of Furazolidone in some patients manifested different reactions of allergic nature. Usually this was expressed in the development of the symptoms hives, skin rash, itching. In some cases, there was more severe disease angioedema. Whenpatient's predisposition to allergic diseases it can occur in anaphylactic shock.
  3. If the drug is used for a long time, the patient may appear shortness of breath, hyperthermia, haemolytic anaemia or develop the neurotoxic reaction.

To reduce these impacts it is necessary to use Furazolidone with plenty of water, take vitamins and antihistamine.If side effects are manifested brightly, we need to stop taking Furazolidone and contact your doctor.