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How to provide first aid for cystitis in women at home?

First aid for cystitis is a necessary activity, regardless of the age of the woman. This disease is not dangerous, but delivers quite a lot of pain and discomfort. Cystitis is an inflammatory process occurring in the urinary bladder. On the nature of their origin, the disease may be primary (without external influence) and secondary. The secondary form occurs as a complication of various diseases. Because cystitis can have many undesirable consequences, prior to receiving consultation help is needed immediately to avoid unnecessary suffering. A medical consultation is mandatory since it is needed for an accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment. To better understand how first aid for cystitis necessary women must find out the nature of this disease.

Causes and risk factors pathology

The main cause of urinary tract infections is Escherichia coli, pathogenic microbes and viruses, staphylococci and chlamydia. As a rule, each person live in the body of numerous colonies of various microorganisms. In normal conditions, they do not show much activity, as it does not allow the immune system. In the case of weakened immunity is the rapid activation of microorganisms and the inflammatory process begins.


Trigger cystitis in women can the following factors:

  1. Severe hypothermia. To give the "green light" pathogens may be freezing because of the cold clothing, sitting or standing on a cold surface.
  2. Infectious disease. During inflammatory processes occurring in the body, the blood carries the infection to all organs, causing a secondary infection.
  3. The presence in the body a constant source of inflammation and infection. Diseases such as adenoids, sinusitis, prostatitis, and other chronic diseases are a constant source of infection that can cause inflammation of the bladder.
  4. Tears and scratches of the ureter. Such phenomena are possible when the sand or stones from the kidney or gall bladder. In such cases, the necessary emergency medical care.
  5. Survey at the gynecologist. It's possible that occurred the use of poorly sterilized instruments. Another consequence of mismanagement of examination may be mechanical damage to the mucous membranes through which the body has penetrated the infection.
  6. Received trauma to the head or spine. This leads to disruption of the Central nervous system. The result is fluid retention and inflammation in the bladder.
  7. Violation of rules of personal hygiene. Anatomical structurewomen require regular water treatment this area of the body.
  8. Disordered sex. Even regular partner can deliver a lot of trouble to the woman of his flora. Inflammation can occur due to allergic reactions associated with different intimate gel or lubricant on the condoms.
  9. Long-term containment of urination. It causes the bladder wall to crack and become inflamed.

Прием обезбаливающих

Recommendations cystitis following:

  1. Immediately after the first signs of the disease, you need to use a warm solution of a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This tool is very good in the initial stages of the disease. Thanks to the soda, significantly reduced the burning and cramps in the bladder.
  2. You need to drink as much liquid as possible. It is desirable that it was the natural juices and compotes. Vitamins strengthen the body. The liquid recycling in the urine makes an infection of the bladder. In addition, congestion is eliminated because increased circulation of the liquid.
  3. To use the various decoctions of herbs. A very effective effect decoctions of calendula, chamomile and parsley. They stop the further development of the harmful microflora, have antiseptic effect and reduce pain.
  4. To be warm. To prevent drafts and walking on cold floor barefoot. Should be avoided outputs on the cold and any work that involves significant physical exertion.
  5. To stop visiting clubs, swimming pools and swimming in ponds. It is accepted to take warm baths with added in sea salt water.

Such methods can greatly facilitate the health of patients. Improvement can be so significant that women can be confident that the disease has passed. However, this view is deceptive. Self-treatment only reduces the strength of symptoms. Only a qualified doctor able to give a full assessment of the clinical picture of the disease and provide treatment recommendations.


If a woman once had cystitis, the probability of it happening is pretty big. But to avoid such unpleasant phenomenon is quite real if to observe simple rules of conduct in everyday life.

To prevent inflammatory processes in the bladder, it is necessary to carry out such prevention activities:

  1. To avoid exposure of any kind. As a rule, hypothermia is the main cause of cystitis. Should pay attention to not only the correct selection of clothes and hats, but shoes.
  2. Eat right. In the menu should include foods rich inproteins and vitamins. This will greatly improve the body's ability to resist various infections.
  3. At the first urge to urinate should immediately go to the dressing room. Patience to the last, causing congestion and inflammation.
  4. Should undergo a full medical examination and to come to grips with health. Need to get rid of all sources of inflammation and suppuration. Treatment of all diseases should be brought to the end.
  5. Exercise regularly. It will strengthen cardiovascular system, improve metabolism in the internal organs.
  6. Regularly visit the gynecologist. An experienced physician can identify the disease at an early stage or potential complications in the urogenital system. Timely treatment will allow to avoid occurrence of severe illness and complications.
  7. Periodically to rest at sea resorts. It enhances immunity to virtually all types of infection.

Remember that any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure, suffering from the pain, wasting the time and considerable money. The basis of a strong immune system is a healthy way of life.