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Instructions for use of powder Monural for the treatment of cystitis

What will help the powder from cystitis? Inflammatory processes in the bladder, or cystitis, it is not a rare phenomenon. In medical statistics they suffer almost half of the population of the planet. The disease is primarily aimed at women, and it happens for the simple reason that unlike the male urogenital system female has a shorter and wider urethra.

Than treated cystitis?

This specific structure helps with various harmful organisms to rise on the bladder and create the conditions for the emergence of the inflammatory process. At occurrence of problems, the main issue becomes the treatment of the disease. In many ways, the treatment is assigned depending on the factor causing the inflammation.

The disease in medicine is called primary acute cystitis. The primary manifestation is not accompanied by any other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. The disease has distinct symptoms. The acute form of the disease is treated with effective drugs antibacterial action. As a rule, it is:

  • tablets;
  • antibiotics for cystitis;
  • vaginal suppositories;
  • a special powder from cystitis.

Чистая вода для приготовления лекарства от цистита

The scheme is undergoing the therapy is selected individually for each patient individually. Standard instructions for use dictates that you must use for 1 time 1-2 tablets. Total weight is approximately 150 g per serving. During the day 3-4 times to use this tool.

The treatment course usually lasts for a week, and in some cases has been delayed for two. Means taking simple way, washing it down with water. The sooner will begin treatment with the drug Furadonin, the more success will be achieved in the treatment.

Patient reports indicate that within 2 days of receiving seen an improvement that does not pass unnoticed. Improvement often so severe that patients stop treatment. But this is not worth.

Not until the end of the reported therapeutic course would nullify all previous successes, but still the disease will become chronic. The preparation should be as much as indicated by the doctor, and it is not less than one week.

The drug is contraindicated in these categories of patients:

  1. In advanced disease of the kidneys.
  2. During pregnancy, because it enters the fetus through the placenta.
  3. During the period of feeding the baby's chest.
  4. In diseases of the liver.
  5. Babies before they reach one month.

In all other cases, the powder cystitis Furadonin recommended to drink.