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What is dangerous and how to treat HPV 16 and 18 type in men?

HPV-16 in men is a cause of cancer. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is an infectious disease sexually transmitted Symptoms of HPV can find on my body 90% of men and women. It's warts, warts in the perineum and warts. If earlier it did not pay attention, after research, doctors literally sounded the alarm and spoke of the need to identify and timely treatment of the virus.

What is genital HPV infection?

It should be noted that HPV is one of the most common viral diseases. Most of the inhabitants of the Earth is a carrier of HPV. Most carriers never even know about it, if HPV does not manifest itself terrible cancer - lesion of the cervix in women and the head of the penis in men.

It is important to understand that the manifestations of HPV do not depend on the General state of the human immune system. If the immune system is normal, the insidious virus never manifest; otherwise, it may be the opposite. You also need to understand that the restoration of immunity can occur naturally. In this case HPV again to "lay low" and not the show itself will not. However, most often the detection of HPV and determine the cause of the disease is prescribed immunomodulatory treatment.

Использование презервативов для профилактики ВПЧ

Boveney papulez is another unpleasant and, under certain conditions, dangerous disease. Unlike the previous, it can affect the skin of the genital organs of both men and women equally. It pathogens recognized by HPV 16, 18, 31 and 33 types. If you ignore this disease, the body can not cope on their own and develop skin cancer. In addition, HPV in men often manifests itself as malignant tumors in the genital area and the anus. Infection recurrent papillomatosis of the larynx. This disease occurs in children born to mothers with HPV.

Treatment of HPV virus

In the treatment of men and women the doctor usually working to resolve internal and external symptoms of the virus.

Possible cauterization of the warts. However, the removal of warts and warts may not be necessary. While intensive treatment with immunomodulators, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle body can cope with external growths. But it is necessary to consider the type of the disease.

Cure HPV does not guarantee that the disease will not return. Relapses are not uncommon, especially they are vulnerable to those who often change sexual partners. You can't ignore the first symptomsdisease.

However, it is wrong to assume that if men or women detected HPV, it will lead to malignant formations. For such an adverse outcome should have a certain circumstances. As a rule, associated diseases, including other sexually transmitted infections; poor environment, stress and more. The main thing - to observe the state of his health, every six months to pass the necessary tests, follow the doctor's recommendations. The presence of HPV could not prevent pregnancy, but there is a possibility of nevynashivanii of the fetus.

It is important to know that today HPV type 16 is detected in men at an early stage, when the virus had not yet lead to changes in the structure of cells. And only on the 4th stage, the human papillomavirus causes cancer.

Specific prevention is the HPV vaccine. Vaccination is carried out for children from 9 to 17 years of age and women up to 26 years. The vaccine is designed to fight viruses 16 and 18 types like most dangerous.

However, not all doctors believe the vaccine is safe, though for such vaccinations mandatory readings no.