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How to cure HPV (human papillomavirus)?

Whether you want to treat and how to cure HPV? Of course, should be treated. The human papillomavirus is one of the most common human infections. It infected almost 90% of the population of our planet. Modern science knows that the virus has over 100 different types. It is dangerous for everyone.

How to deal with HPV?

One of the people with reduced immunity as a result of infection with human papillomavirus on the skin and mucous membranes the skin appear the outward signs of the disease (papillomas, condylomas, warts). The other part does not even suspect that is a carrier of the virus. These people can infect others through sexual or household. Also the infection is transmitted from mother to child.


Йод для лечения заболевания

Independently to eradicate warts, papillomas and warts using packs of plants or other agents that can kill microorganisms and eliminate the growths. Traditional healers know a great number of available methods of treatment. You can use any suitable to you individually.

If you experience moderate and severe stages increases the validity of dysplasia (against cancerous changes in cells). In such cases, immediate removal of damaged tissue. If the stage is light dysplasia (caused by HPV low oncogenicity), suggest to use to treat conservative methods.

Conservative treatment

With this method of removal is used necrotizing and keratolytic drugs, which destroy the growths formed by HPV. Chemicals recommended for use, if growths caused by the papillomavirus virions of low carcinogenic risk.

To remove papillomas or other HPV conservative education may, with such medicines:

  1. Lyapisny pencil. Action spinnogo pencil based on the neutralization of the virus by silver nitrate. It has antibacterial and necrotizing effect. Within seven days money can be traced to the elimination of the pathological growths. To kill the bacteria. To increase the action of the pencil can be applied along with other medicines. If the growths are small, cauterizing the impact of funds sufficient for the complete removal of the pathological focus. The procedure is repeated 1 time to 10 days within 1 month. Because treatment lyapisny pencil can leave burns and scars that can only be dealt with efficiently, it is in any case can not be used for etching of warts on the face.
  2. Cheap. Removal of skin warts and genital warts using the solution of the cheap. This drug is made from tricresol andphenol. It has a bactericidal and cauterizing action. Means lubricate the skin. Applying the cheap, you need to preserve healthy skin. If the drug gets on it, you can see the scars. If the tumor has a thin stem, it is sufficient to lubricate only the upper part. The procedure lasts about 45 minutes. The treatment is cheap and is only 5 times. If the application of the drug did not bring the desired results, it is necessary to abandon it and to resort to another medication.
  3. Superchatel. This is the most reliable tool in the fight against HPV. It is applied to the skin spot. The skin is restored after peeling. Complete cleansing of the skin from growths occurs after 6-8 days. The use of superchatel leads to neutralize any manifestation of HPV.
  4. The isoprinosine. Tablets isoprinosine (500 mg) possess a wide spectrum of action. They stimulate the immune system and have antiviral effects. The drug restores the protective functions of the organism. By using this medication there is a restoration of all functions of lymphocytes. Which leads to a complete stop the development of papillomas.

Folk remedies

In getting rid of infections can help:

  • the celandine;
  • iodine;
  • garlic;
  • potatoes;
  • Apple;
  • bow;
  • Rowan.

Excellent job with the papillomavirus mixture of:

  • lemon, apples, red wine, garlic;
  • plums, salt, and vinegar.


The use of radiosurgery in the treatment of HPV

The most modern method of treatment of tumors - radiosurgery. It implies the impact of tumors on the skin of high frequency radio waves. This method allows you to destroy HPV and coagulate blood vessels simultaneously. This gives you the opportunity to avoid bleeding. Radiosurgical method of removing the growths is painless. After the procedure, the tissue can be sent for histological examination. This method prevents the recurrence of the disease.

Applying various methods of treatment, we must not forget about strengthening the immune system. Systematically use immune protection infusions, tinctures and decoctions of various herbs, foods rich in vitamins and minerals.