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How is HPV (human papillomavirus) and what happens when infection?

About how HPV is transmitted is necessary to know absolutely all people, because recently this problem is becoming more common. You need to be very careful and know how is the human papillomavirus, in order not to fall ill with this nasty disease.

Papillomavirus - what is it

HPV - human papillomavirus. In today's world experts are about 200 different types of HPV, more often you can meet the type No. 16 and 18 that can cause cervical cancer. If we talk about other types of HPV, type number 6 or number 11 can cause genital warts, this disease is called condylomatous. Today there is no evidence that warts cause cancer in women, but the infected person feels very uncomfortable, because there is a pronounced cosmetic defect. Thus, the person becomes more insecure, and he very much falls self-esteem.

How is HPV transmitted?

Usually, HPV can be transmitted sexually. It does not matter what type of sex you practice: oral, anal, or genital usual. Often you can come across a situation where a man infects a woman, but practice shows that in recent years, other cases were not as rare.

Стресс - причина появления ВПЧ

Is it worth to be treated for both partners

Today, many experts note the fact that susceptibility to such disease, like HPV, the person has increased several times. Cases are increasingly common. While the incubation period for the development of HPV can be as one, and five months. It is worth noting that the partner can be infected with this problem almost 70% of all cases.

Therefore, if someone of the partners is sick HPV, as is the case with other diseases that are transmitted sexually, examined need both.

Remember that a condom can't protect against HPV and, therefore, need to be extremely careful.

HPV is a very serious disease that not only affects human health, but in the whole of his life. In addition, this disease greatly increases the risk of developing cancer, especially for women. So, don't do promiscuity, eat properly, use personal hygiene products. The following simple rules will help you avoid such common diseases as HPV.

For in case of infection do not start the disease, regularly checked by a doctor and hand over analyses. At the first signs ofsymptoms should start treatment immediately if the disease was not discovered earlier.