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What are the causes of cystitis after intimacy?

Why do I get cystitis after reach, the causes of this pathology? The human body, despite its complex system of protection, remains open for many diseases. Among the most unpleasant can be called cystitis. This urologic disease, which is an inflammation in the mucous membrane of the bladder, accompanied by acute pain during or after urination. Women suffer from it due to its anatomical features.

The main symptoms of cystitis

Most often cystitis in women occur after intimacy, especially if the result was damage to the mucosa of the urethra and urinary tracts. It is because of this unpleasant phenomenon women cystitis is called "post-coital" or "honeymoon syndrome".

If such inflammation will occur periodically, as a result, the disease develops, passing into the chronic form. However, what hurts the bladder, come neuroses, fear of intimacy, repulsion partner. In the end, there's a family of mutual resentment, close fight, and the case could be reached before the divorce.

Miss the beginning of inflammation is difficult. Starts cystitis after sex almost immediately, but can take several days. It so happens that you can get cystitis after sexual intercourse repeatedly before he could recover and again deciding to sexual intercourse. A painful symptoms of cystitis after sexual intercourse can be confused with other similar diseases. Cystitis is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  1. Frequent urination after sex or eating.
  2. The pressure feeling. The abdomen felt cutting pain and discomfort.
  3. A feeling of bladder fullness even after going to the toilet.
  4. Irritability, mild weakness.
  5. Sometimes the increase in body temperature. There is a fever.

Повышенная температура при цистите

Emptying of the bladder. Another way to guard against the risk of Contracting cystitis - go to the toilet before sex, and after intercourse: it is possible to reduce the risk of infection and formation of inflammation.

Strengthening the immune system. Health promotion is a major factor in their own safety. The only way the body will be able to deal with any inflammatory process.

Again about personal hygiene women

To reduce the risk of inflammatory reproductive system, it is necessary to teach girls to respect the elementary rules of personal hygiene. This includes:

  1. Cleaning. They should be no less than 2 times a day. Moreover, it is not recommended to use soap or washcloths. It is sufficient to wash only by hand.
  2. Frequent change of linen. Linen changehelps maintain the health.
  3. The correct clothing.
  4. Cotton linen.You should avoid synthetic fabrics and as little as possible to wear tight leggings and tight jeans.

Following these simple rules helps to avoid a number of problems associated with cystitis.