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The causes and particularly the treatment of cystitis during and after menstruation in women

Cystitis during menstruation occurs when there are disorders of genitourinary function. How to cope with this condition? The answers to this question will be discussed later. But first is to describe the symptoms of this disease largely cystitis before menstruation and during them similar to other pathologies. And in order to undergo treatment, you need to put the correct diagnosis.

Often the question is asked, could the cystitis be the cause of the delay period. The answer to this question cannot be unambiguous. Someone disease does not cause delays in others, on the contrary, contributes to this condition. Cystitis and delayed menstruation develops most often in chronic inflammation of the urogenital system. But more often cystitis before menstruation. And mostly it is associated with other causes (e.g., sand or stones in the kidneys and other).

The relationship between cystitis and menstruation

Cystitis and monthly - how is it connected? Most often cystitis during menstruation is not treated, and thus compounded the overall situation. A woman tries to numb the pain and other signs of public funds, painkillers. But the very essence of the disease is not changed, over time, on the contrary, aggravated.

Грибок Кандида - причина цистита

Since gouty arthritis is treated with antibiotics, the doctor himself will prescribe a drug based on the laboratory data identify the causative agent and its sensitivity to the antibiotic. As painkillers medicines can be taken But-shpu, Papaverine.

Widely used homeopathic medicines such as Kanefron, Vitalizing. It is anti-inflammatory and relieves pain drugs. It is known that the cystitis is treated with warming, but in the period of menstruation, this process should be applied with caution. Warming lead to profuse blood discharge, so there is a risk of heavy bleeding.

Even if you feel relief, do not stop therapeutic measures. Bring prescribed course of therapy, as remains untreated, the disease will eventually become a chronic condition that does not manifest itself in striking symptoms, but is a very dangerous state for women's health!

The most frequent complication of untreated cystitis treat endometriosis and endometritis, purulent inflammation, tumors, including cancer of the character. If the woman is of childbearing age, to start disease even more dangerous, it threatens to abort pregnancies and infertility.

Remember that to self-medicate in this case is not only useless, but dangerous, as the disease affects the neighboring organs. Any action for the treatment of cystitis duringmonthly should be agreed with your doctor. This is important in order to come monthly after cystitis.

The important role played by prevention of the disease. She is leading a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, sports and personal hygiene, especially during menstruation.