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It looks like and why there is hard and soft chancre on the tongue, lip, mouth

Chancre in syphilis – specific sign a person is infected with pale Treponema (Treponema pallidum). This formation appears in place of "entrance gate" of the infection, and it is rapidly developing and a growing number of the pathogen. Let's look at the pathology and its features in detail.

Syphilis – chronic venereal disease that is characterized by progressive destruction of all systems and organs. The high prevalence of this disease is a consequence of the high invasiveness of the pathogen, as well as frequent sexual relations without using contraception.

These steps preceded the incubation period, which lasts approximately 21-28 days and does not manifest itself clinically. During the incubation period and the primary stage of the pathogen can be found only in the area of the primary defect, and in the later stages – in the blood.

Infection is most commonly transmitted sexually or hematogenous routes. Rarer are cases of household transmission, but this option requires contact with patients in the late stages of the disease. Also the infection is transmitted by the vertical – from infected mother to child during pregnancy.

The primary form and chancre

Primary syphilis appears since the formation of the so-called hard chancre. In fact, this education is a local infiltration, which eventually "breaks" and in its place there is a painless ulcer with a size of 2-3 cm. of This place doctor regards as the point of primary infection, because this is where Treponema pallidum was first at the body of the patient.

In the same period there is an increase in the local lymph nodes, and inflammation of the lymph vessels. This pathology often can be confirmed by serological methods – Wassermann reaction or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Serological studies sometimes give a negative effect even in the presence of the chancre. In this case one should speak about a covert ("silent") form of the infection.

Manifestations of the disease are limited to decreased performance, deterioration of health, a slight fever, with the blood of the causative agent yet. The first stage ends at the time of the disappearance of the chancre. This will mark the transition to a more severe form of secondary syphilis.

The localization of the infection gate"

In most cases, the primary defect is formed on the genitals, large and small labia, pubis, vagina, penis, scrotum, etc. Rarely, if we talk about sexual routes of transmission, the defect is formed in the mouth, tongue or on the lip, what happens during oral intercourse.

Looks like a chancre in the mouth

In the mouth the infiltration often remains unnoticed or is considered something else. For example,the location of the infiltration in the mucosa of the cheek is reminiscent of infected sores with sores, and the patient is treated with antibiotics and lavage of the oral cavity without any positive effect.

On the mucosa of the ulcer has a whitish-gray color with redness on the edges. Around the ulcer there is seal area of the tissue, and the ulcer is completely painless and does not interfere with the patient. It has a rounded shape with jagged edges and relatively shallow waters.

Mouth formed the so-called chancre-amygdala, which is manifested by enlarged tonsils and fever which simulates a catarrhal or follicular tonsillitis.

The manifestation of the chancre on the lip

In this case, the disease pay attention immediately after the formation of infiltration. And it is not strange, because when the ulcer is formed in the oral cavity, most often it is hidden from the eyes of the patient and other people, and in the case of ulceration on the lip patients immediately seek help.

On pigmented the lip area, the defect looks like a dark plague, surrounded by a compacted fabric. Often this education strayed from herpes symptoms.

Manifestations in the language

The defect in the language is most often localized on the front surface, which during sexual intercourse, contact with genitals. In place of the "gate of infection is formed a small seal, which quickly turns into a sore.

Ulcer on the tongue hardly interfere with the patient, but often there is reduced sensitivity in the affected area.

Differential diagnosis chancroid

Solid pathognomonic defect is a manifestation of primary syphilis, soft chancre – a manifestation of chancroid (infectious disease, which is caused by Haemophilus influenzae).

The primary affect has a hard edge, whereas chancroid – soft. The ulcer disappears on its own through the 21-42 days and requires no treatment. It is painless, soft, not bleeding.