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The symptoms and treatment of the most common diseases of the bladder in women

Recently become especially dangerous diseases of the bladder in women, the symptoms are subtle and similar to signs of other diseases, and then not show up. The reasons for this phenomenon are many. It can be frequent cold snaps or the increase in the number of casual sex in the modern world.

Diseases of the bladder are not as secure as it seems at first glance. Even the banal and the familiar cystitis may give serious complications affecting both the reproductive system and urinary organs. So any discomfort in urinating, you must immediately consult a doctor. A couple of days delay can leave you chronically ill person. The bladder is located near the kidney, therefore, any symptoms and signs of disease may indicate trouble with them. The most common diseases of the bladder are cystitis, cancer, calcification, neurosis, endometriosis.

Inflammation of the bladder

Almost every woman at least once in their life suffered from such diseases as cystitis. Among the diseases of the bladder in women, it is considered as the most characteristic female gender and is found most frequently. Men rarely suffer from disease due to different location and structure of the genital organs. Due to the particular structure of the genitourinary system women must often go to the toilet, besides their bladder more disposed to inflammation and are often exposed to various bacterial attacks.

Often the disease occurs due to the presence of other diseases of the reproductive system. Usually the catalyst be bacterial vaginosis, thrush, sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes, cystitis caused by tuberculosis, occurring in the genitals. These infections are not too noticeable, and cystitis among people is considered a safe disease amenable to self-treatment. So the woman turns to the doctor, sometimes experiencing burning and discomfort until it is too late.

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Avoid hypothermia. Sometimes it's better just to stand than to sit on the cold bench. It is not necessary to freeze the genitals in favor of insane fashion. It is better to wear warmer pants and to postpone until the summer nylon stockings with a short skirt.

Never forget about the hygiene. To wash 1-2 times a day, once a day, change underwear. Long sock and same pant leads to the formation environment of harmful bacteria of decay.

Conclusion on the subject

Classification of diseases of the bladder extensive and diverse to list them all is almost impossible. Therefore, if you haveyou informed of any unusual symptoms related to the genitourinary system, it is better to consult your doctor.

Such diseases do not lead to anything good, and even banal heaviness in the bladder may indicate a very dangerous disease occurring in your body. Do not skimp on preventive examinations. Maybe one day a random visit to the doctor will save your life.