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How to make chamomile douching during gynecological and urological diseases?

Surely every girl at least once in life faced with gynecological problems of all kinds. Douching chamomile is one of the methods of treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female of the house. You need to pay attention that douching chamomile - not the procedure of intimate care, and the remedy against inflammations of the urogenital system. This procedure consists of washing the body with decoction of chamomile a Turkey Baster. Douching should be done if there is inflammation of the urinary apparatus, or various gynecological diseases.

The use of chamomile in gynecology

Chamomile is one of the most popular remedies for the treatment of urinary apparatus in gynecology. It is anti-inflammatory, sedative, antiseptic, analgesic and improves the microflora of the tool. Chamomile is a very gentle and delicate treatment for the female reproductive organs. It is added to the means of intimate hygiene, creams, lotions and gels to remove the discomfort in the vagina and reduce irritation. With all these properties of chamomile cures gynecological diseases such as cystitis, cervical erosion, thrush, and other inflammatory processes.

With timely treatment chamomile for thrush, you can get rid of the discomfort and limit the use of antibiotics. Chamomile is a natural organic remedy that helps to get rid of itching and inflammation.

Приготовление отвара из ромашки

The duration of treatment douching should be no more than 7-10 days because of washed out microflora of the vagina that may cause irritation and dryness. The exact number of these procedures, will appoint the attending gynecologist. Self-medication is not encouraged and may lead to irreparable consequences. Also, the failure mode may cause irritation, dryness and intense itching.

In some cases, douching should act as an addition to basic medical treatment. Because douching can only get rid of the first signs of the disease, but do not remove the reasons that caused it.

Contraindications and precautions

Douching - not a daily hygienic procedure, and treatment.


There are several points at which you should not do douching:

  1. During menstruation blood is excreted from the female uterus. Vessels and capillaries during this period in the open state and in case of accidental contact with the solution for irrigation there is severe inflammation.
  2. Age over 40 years. At this age, hormonal changes in women. Therefore it is not necessary to appoint a treatment, and should immediately seekdoctor.
  3. In the early stages of pregnancy. During this period it is strictly forbidden to self-medicate, because it may harm the fetus. Therefore, when any signs of disease need to consult with a qualified specialist.
  4. The inflammatory processes.
  5. Allergic to chamomile.
  6. The first month after delivery or abortion.
  7. Ignorance of douching. The lack of equipment douching can lead to slightly deep washing or contrary to strong pressure, which is very dangerous for vaginal walls. This, in turn, may lead to a larger spread of infection or inflammation.

It is also worth remembering that douching chamomile does not help increase the chances of conceiving a child, but rather the frequent use contributes to the destruction of the vaginal flora.

If you feel unpleasant or painful sensations, strange color and consistency of discharge, intense itching, you should not treat yourself in the home folk remedies. You need to immediately go to a competent doctor who will identify the causes of symptoms, make a correct diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. It is recommended that before hiring a doctor not to douche, as the procedure may incorrectly reflected in the survey or to aggravate inflammation.