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How to make irrigation of the bladder at home?

Bladder lavage can be done at home, and not only in a hospital. The need for this manipulation occurs when you need to clean the cystic cavity from decomposition products of urinary stones, particles of pus, etc fabrics. Flushing the lining of the bladder as a special medical procedure is performed for chronic and acute course of inflammatory disease (cystitis). And before inserting the cystoscope. How to make this procedure yourself at home, tell the following instructions.

When you want to wash the bladder?

Flushing the bladder is recommended under the following conditions:

  • cystitis - an infectious process in the mucous membrane of the bladder;
  • by delaying the exit of pus;
  • by delaying the output of urine (for example, in men suffering from prostate inflammation, etc.).

The appearance of inflammation in the gallbladder mucosa due to several factors:

  • cystitis may develop on the background of intestinal inflammation, since these bodies are interconnected;
  • the presence of common infectious diseases (tonsillitis, furunculosis, flu, sinusitis, etc.) can provoke the penetration of pathogenic bacteria through the blood into the cystic cavity;
  • STD pathogens (Staphylococcus aureus, Trichomonas, Proteus, etc. fungi) can cause the disease cystitis.

The mucous membrane of the bladder has improved resistance against infection. For this reason, the development of cystitis in the cavity of the bladder can lead only one presence of pathogenic bacteria in the cavity. You need more related favorable factors: hypothermia, excessive fatigue, different types of serious illnesses (including and various pathologies of the urinary system). Only when adding one of these conditions start to manifest the symptoms of cystitis.

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The volume of solution supplied for one time, is different. It is determined by the capacity of the bladder and the characteristics of the situation. When filling the bladder it is not necessary to bring the situation before the advent of severe pain and sudden urge. Bubble without having to stretch you should not. The right portion is the introduction of liquid - 50 ml.

For flushing purposes in relation to the bubble can take up to 2 litres of liquid (boric acid solution, physiological, etc.) For entering solution of silver nitrate take the syringe. Lyapisny solution was introduced to the sensation of urine output, then allow to drain the solution, rinse repeat. Do it until you pass through the bubble from 300 to 1000 ml. When you enter lapis cysticthe cavity is cleaned with sterile water.

Please note: because the silver nitrate stains the fabric has to be treated carefully. It should prevent the penetration of solution into the urethra of the patient, for which the finger closes the hole of the catheter and then removed it.

After the procedure, the patient is allowed to lie down for half an hour.

What are the possible difficulties?

Sometimes a catheter can get clogged with mucus. In this case, the washing liquid is unable to flow out. Then fluid is introduced to dissolve and eliminate mucus.

Perhaps a touch of the rear wall of the catheter body. It is recommended to take out a little catheter (a few centimeters).

The pain caused by the wash fluid, indicate significant stretching of the bladder. Then the amount of fluid injected is reduced.

Signs of blood are a signal for immediate suspension procedures.

The increased temperature of the patient indicates failure of asepsis and developed this infection in the bladder.